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Moss, Roy and Jen welcome you to the bowels of Reynholm Industries, where "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" isn't just an IT tip, it's usually the only answer.

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  1. Halloween Costumes for Programmers

    Costumes for when those programmers and IT guys decide to drag themselves away from the computer to go to a Halloween party. Or they can wear them at their computer. (via laughingsquid)


  2. Like A Moss

    Here’s hoping “Like a Moss” catches on… (via @ITCrowdSupport)


  3. IT Crowd Returns Tomorrow (Sept. 27th)

    For those not in the know, the IT Crowd is returning for one final episode, airing tomorrow, Sept. 27th, on Channel 4. Based on these very brief previews alone, you may wanna get your butt to the UK and watch it. Also, just look how handsome Chris O’Dowd looks with a beard! But, if you’re […]


  4. How To Fix A Computer

    “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” *More funny graphs here


  5. How IT Fixes Your Computer

    Or, at least, how they’d LIKE to fix your computer.


  6. Replica Of The Internet From IT Crowd

    To some, it looks like a box with a flashing red light on the top. To IT Crowd fans, it is The Internet. Mike Jenkins of KineticGifts created this replica of what Roy and Moss convince Jen is the world wide web. Click Moss for more hilarious IT Crowd memes


  7. IT Crowd Returning For One Last Episode

    Graham Linehan, creator and writer of the extremely popular series IT Crowd, says that the show is not done yet! At a Q&A session at the re:publica digital conference in Germany, Linehan said that he’s bringing the whole cast back for one last episode, a 40-minute special to be exact, and they begin filming in […]


  8. larry the it guy teaser

    Larry The IT Guy

    What if Larry the Cable Guy was working in IT?


  9. it crowd teaser

    The IT Crowd – “Anti-Piracy Ad”

    Here’s a clip from tonight’s episode of The IT Crowd.


  10. IT CROWD teaser

    The IT Crowd – “The Rise and Fall of Denholm Reynholm”

    Check out this clip from tonight’s episode of The IT Crowd, which you catch at 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT.


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