Felt Up

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Real recordings of people recounting their strangest and grossest experiences are reenacted using puppets, as vlogger Simon Puppet tries to understand the weird world around him, all while trying to deal with his arch-nemesis of a roommate, Joe.

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  1. felt up teaser

    Felt Up – “Decision Making Skills”

    Joe helps out Simon as his life coach (this isn’t going to end well).


  2. simon puppet teaser

    Felt Up – “Trying To Be Nice”

    Simon helps Joe to try and get his girlfriend to leave the apartment in this episode of Felt Up.


  3. felt up teaser

    Felt Up – “White Lies”

    Simon ponders about the benefits of lying, and Joe finds himself with an online lady friend.


  4. Simon Puppet

    Felt Up – “Curse of the Ex”

    This episode is all about exes and how to deal with ‘em.


  5. technology troubles

    Felt Up – “Technology”

    Simon and Joe are having troubles with the internet in these four episodes of Felt Up.


  6. felt up teaser

    Felt Up – “Caught Red-Handed”

    Check out the first four episodes of Felt Up right here!


  7. Felt Up Prequel

    Meet Simon Puppet and his roommate Joe in this prequel to Bite TV’s new web series, Felt Up. You can check out 4 new episodes starting this Monday, May 13th, and be sure to follow both Simon and Joe on Twitter @SimonPuppet and @JoeDahPuppet.


  8. simon puppet

    Get Felt Up Online Starting May 10th

    Bite TV presents this new series featuring some adorable puppets doing not-so adorable things.