Matt Mira

Matt Mira is one of the co-hosts of The Nerdist Podcast, and has appeared on other comedic podcasts as well, including Sklarbro Country and Doug Loves Movies. He and fellow comedian Tom Lennon produced the show ONESTAR, which was a series of dramatic readings of the YELP reviews of the Koreatown 24 Hour Fitness. He also hosts his own show, Matt Mira's Day Off, at the NerdMelt Theatre in LA.

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Daily Matt Mira

  1. Top 10 Comedy Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

    Get ready to laugh your ears off.

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  2. This Weekend In Comedy: Even More JFL42 (Sept. 28th - 30th)

    JFL42 wraps up this weekend in Toronto.

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  3. JFL42

    From September 21st to the 28th, Toronto will host the Just For Laughs 42, a week-long comedy extravaganza that will feature 42 of the biggest performers from across North America. By heading to the JFL42 site, you’ll be able to get a pass that’ll grant you access to some awesome shows. Here’s who’ll be performing: […]

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  4. Bryan Cranston And The Breaking Bad Crew Take On The Nerdist

    It’s The Nerdist vs. Breaking Bad in the season finale of All Star Celebrity Bowling. Who will dominate the lanes? Find out now. (via Nerdist)

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  5. Comedy Spotlight: Jonah Ray

    Check out the comedy stylings of Jonah Ray.

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