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John Ross Bowie

Former punk rocker in the band Egghead, John Ross Bowie made the transition to comedy and started performing at the UCB in New York and LA. He has recurring roles on Big Bang Theory and Childrens Hospital, and has had guest appearances on shows like Reno 911, Glee and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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Daily John Ross Bowie

  1. Comedy Spotlight: John Ross Bowie

    Check out the comedy stylings of John Ross Bowie.

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  2. "You're What's Wrong With The World"

    Comedic actor John Ross Bowie (Big Bang Theory, Glee, Children’s Hospital, Reno 911 and about a billion commercial spots), and author of an excellent book on the movie Heathers, just posted this amazing image on his tumblr. Also, check out this funny commercial spot that John Ross Bowie filmed with a puppet, voiced by Paul […]

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