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Jen Kirkman

Comedian Jen Kirkman has written for sitcoms like Perfect Couples. Before that, she was probably best known for being in front of the camera as a roundtable regular on Chelsea Lately. In 2009, Entertainment Weekly gave Kirkman a shout out in its “Top 12 Rising Stars of Comedy” list.

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Daily Jen Kirkman

  1. Comedy Above The Pub - "Jen Kirkman"

    Todd Van Allen is joined by comedian Jen Kirkman, who was in Toronto to perform at Comedy Bar and to promote her new book, I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself, and the two chat about the joys of failed matrimony, what to do with your off-time and where deep and funny material comes from. […]

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  2. Happy International Women's Day: Women Of Comedy

    It’s International Women’s Day, so let’s laugh courtesy of these ladies.

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  3. Comedy Spotlight: Jen Kirkman

    Her comedy resume includes sketches on Funny or Die, and writing for Perfect Couples.

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