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Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh's first big break was performing on Letterman. This was followed with more performances along the late night circuit, as well as a half-hour special on Comedy Central Presents. Now, Tosh hosts his own Comedy Central show, Tosh.0, which showcases videos from around the internet. He's also put out two more comedy specials, Completely Serious and Happy Thoughts.

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Daily Daniel Tosh

  1. Comedy Spotlight: Daniel Tosh

    Check out the comedy stylings of Daniel Tosh.

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  2. The Late Shift Episode 18: John Hastings, David Tsonos

    Stand-up John Hastings talks about life as a stand-up and why he’s moving to England, David Tsonos compares Vancouver to Toronto, and in the first hour Jason asks the question: Did Daniel Tosh go to far with his rape joke? Is any topic off limits for comedians? Click here to listen and download: Ep 18 […]

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    Want Daniel Tosh to deliver a threatening message to your fellow co-worker? Or perhaps a marriage proposal to… your fellow co-worker. Well, you can pretty much write anything you want and make it look like Tosh has written it down for you at

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