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Many know Betty White from Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and she's also wrote, produced and starred in her own sitcoms, such as My Life With Elizabeth and The Betty White Show. She's also managed to stay current, with a starring role on Hot in Cleveland, hosting her own practical joke show and guest appearances.

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Daily Betty White

  1. Comedy Spotlight: Betty White

    Check out the comedy stylings of Betty White.

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  2. Who Would You Cast? Christmas Vacation Remake

    If they remade Christmas Vacation for today, here’s who would play who.

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  3. Betty White Raps - "I'm still Hot"

    The Lifeline Program presents this music video featuring Betty White rapping and dancing with Luciana. You can download the song on iTunes, and a portion of the proceeds go to the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

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  4. Marine Rapper Asks Betty White to Ball

    I can’t get a dude to look twice at me and that old b**** Betty White has dudes in uniform doing push ups, trying to woo her into being their date to the Marine Corps Ball. Screw you, Betty White. (via RSonicVision)

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  5. Top 10 Roasters We Wanna See At The Charlie Sheen Roast

    The Charlie Sheen roast has been announced, and here are the roasters we wanna see.

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