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Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris got her start at The Second City Chicago and the Annoyance Theatre, and her first foray into television was with Comedy Central's sketch show, Exit 57. She's become well-known for the portrayal of her character Jerri Blank on Strangers with Candy. She's also co-authored a number of plays with her brother David Sedaris, and has written her own humorous books.

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Daily Amy Sedaris

  1. Comedy Spotlight: Amy Sedaris

    Check out the comedy stylings of Amy Sedaris.

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  2. M. Ward - "Me and My Shadow"

    Former Daily Show writer and current Bob’s Burgers scribe Scott Jacobson directed this M. Ward video starring Amy Sedaris and a cameo from a certain late night host. (via Team Coco)

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  3. Amy Sedaris' YouTube Channel

    If you haven’t subscribed to Amy Sedaris’ YouTube Channel, then you might as well just go ahead and declare yourself an enemy of comedy and hope to God that there’s a clause in the Geneva Conventions that will save you from any armed resistance towards your own crappy taste. Or something.

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