We’re all under stress at our jobs, and we all get a little snippy at the office once in awhile. Unless your career involves speaking in front of millions every day. When the camera’s rolling and you lose your shit, you end up making the news looking like an idiot and then you wind up on this blog. I particularly enjoyed #3.

10. Shut Up, Carol!

9. Skip To 1:00.

8. Oh and Nice Robot, Loser.

7. Be Nicer To Jennie.

6. Yes, You Have To Guess When The 42 Seconds Is Over.

5. The Man Just Wants Some Answers!

4. I Think She Said Feck.

3. How Do You Think the Bug Feels?

2. But The Children Are Safe, Right?

1. McFisticuffs Over McNuggets at McDonald’s

No news anchors flipping out in this example, but it was definitely worth posting.