Rob Scott

South African Rob Scott is a man with astounding tactile sense. The only way for him to learn, is to touch. People, places or things. Especially things. Perhaps your thing. Follow him on Twitter or read his webcomics at

  1. Chasing Nathan

    004 Chasing Nathan 150x193 Chasing NathanThe latest comic from AK Tenttenborn’s Twice Shy is up. This time Nathan Fillion comes under the spotlight of truth. Read it… or at least read something – research has show that reading improves your concentration and gives you the ability to shoot tiny lasers out of your eyes.

  2. The Santa Machine

    situation santa The Santa Machine

    Because we had a Christmas party last night and most of the staff are mysteriously ill today we’re closing shop early. But don’t feel cheated, we have something special for you. For those of you who think that Santa doesn’t offer enough variety we present The Santa Machine. Click through, you know you want to.

    Big thanks to Katie Adams for her amazing illustrations, Roman Swietlik for living in the Bite office while he made this, Jennifer Herd for her interface graphics, my fellow producer Crystal Gibson, and Andrew Alba, Nic Di Lollo and Geoff May for their creative input.

  3. Introducing Twice Shy

    001 LawOrder SVU Introducing Twice is proud to present it’s first official webcomic, Twice Shy. From the genius AK Tettenborn (not scientifically proven), the mastermind behind the always hilariousFudge that Sugar, comes a weekly series that may or may not feature octopuses, sandwiches, and naps.

    Prime Minister Steven Harper is proud that Bite’s first comic is from a Canadian and wanted to add that he likes calamari sandwiches. So stop wasting time around here and read the first two strips Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Bikes.

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