85 Valentine’s Day Cards For Gamers

February 6th, 2014

Is your significant other a hardcore gamer? Do your V-Day plans include logging into WOW and meeting up online with your Dwarf lover? Are you planning on sculpting your crush’s likeness our of Minecraft blocks? If you answered “Yes” to any of the following questions, anyone of these video game themed Valentine’s Day cards are for you (or the person you love).

021308_videogamevalentine_obs7_plainbg--article_image pikachu chooses you Mario as a Bee Pokemon are you a bad enough dude wheatley Metroid will follow you anywhere tetris blocks Captain Falcon affection close quarters cuddling tetris valentines day Mike Tyson's Punch Out GodofWar--article_image Big Sister valentine kirby's epic yarn 021308_videogamevalentine_obs5_plainbg--article_image Birdo Team Fortress 2 valentine Mega Man loves you Bioshock Valentine Skyrim valentine Legend of Zelda old man 021308_videogamevalentine_obs6_plaingbg--article_image fallout valentine doctor mario valentine left 4 dead valentines day Link and Zelda Mass Effect valentine Legend of zelda valentine Scorpion vs. Kitana DS Lite Mega Man villain Excite Bike valentines day Metal Gear Solid valentines day Tom Nook from Animal Crossing Minecraft Cupid 021308_videogamevalentine_obs8_plainbg--article_image Samus and a Metroid stuck together Nintendo Wii Valentine card wii duke nukem valentine skyrim valentines arrow Andross from Star Fox 021308_videogamevalentine_obs3_plainbg--article_image Duck Hunt dog Mudkip valentine meme Hey Listen Limbo Valentine
Limbo valentine spider attack link looking for the last piece of heart Pit from Kid Icarus Earthbound Midna 021308_videogamevalentine_obs1_plainbg--article_image megaman valentine 85933d0d74157276fec2dc14ed0c0896-valentines-2013-dishonored-outside
Dishonored Mario valentine toad valentine Nintendo President Iwata 021308_videogamevalentine_obs2_plainbg--article_image Kirby valentine sad luigi donkey kong
donkey kong 2 Legend of Zelda MassEffect--article_image Mr. Game and Watch b1c6470a199045b6fd783dd9ce179c1a-valentines-2013-mario-outside
a005162c5d16c921fe4dfe412dd50157-valentines-2013-mario-inside Legend of Zelda's Sheik Super Mario Bros.
mario valentines day cards
mario valentines day
Nintendo DS valentine Bioshock--article_image 8c4340f9105ea7c953d3a6e37d9a05b6-valentines-2013-half-life-outside
16b6b67e64ec549d4b760da127441511-videogame-valentines-2013-edition creepy kirby Phoenix Wright pokemon--article_image a3f4c87b6f52e24e79bbc8f231900af3-valentines-2013-zelda-outside
0f5c8b311bead42a5a22dd9b2d0c7b20-videogame-valentines-2013-edition marioValentine Bully--article_image 1173e9f1e3402c3ef9e114e89c57d520-valentines-2013-pokemon-outside
0918a06c2dfef3c0f19de36fd95e2f7c-videogame-valentines-2013-edition pokemontrainervalentine zelda--article_image katamaridamacyvalentine FFVII
775cad0226d75ca65520bef9427d79c5-videogame-valentines-2013-edition Metroid--article_image animalcrossingvalentine aedb5b333d69c548060eb9a5635c4974-videogame-valentines-2013-edition