Shark Week: 35 Shark Gifs

August 8th, 2013

swimmin' shark

Seeing that this week is Shark Week, here are 35 animated GIFs of the sea’s most ferocious killers. Note: If you’re scared of sharks, you may not want to go any further, but then you’d have to ask yourself: “Why did I click on this link in the first place?”

Cue the Jaws theme



sharks on sharks

On sharks


On sharks

sharks feeding frenzy



Feeding frenzy

sharks feeding frenzy


crunch sclarf swimming shark gif

When a shark steals your catch

shark gif

Behold, the Basking Shark

basking shark

How yeah? How about the Goblin Shark

goblin shark

That’s nothin’ – this here’s the Angel Shark

angel shark

Pfft, whatever – here’s a shark who can shoot rainbows out of its mouth like it ain’t no thang

fire rainbows


play with me shark jump

Disapproving shark

disapproving shark shark jump

And you thought being eaten was the worst you had to worry about from sharks

shark fart more swimming

Samuel L. Jackson stars in Jaws

shark l jackson

Mr. T hates sharks

mr. t versus shark

Great place to put a shark tattoo

shark tattoo

Fun fact: Sharks love pizza

sharks love pizza

And ice cream

sharks love ice cream

OMG! They’re evolving!

street shark

When a shark works for Avon

i don't even

Get money, get paid

get money get paid

Best part of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

mega shark

How I reacted when I saw that part of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

laughing shark

Meanwhile, at the Olympics

at the olympics



There’s always a bigger fish… er, cat… catfish?

cat shark