What mysteries lay hidden along the border between Canada and the United States? Does it merely serve to divide two countries, or is something much more sinister at play here (like an army of Sasquatches).

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canada vs us border Bizarre Things You May Not Know About The Canadian/U.S. Border

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  • Derek

    Nice video!

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    Canada and the USA should always be like sisters helping one another STRONG AND FREE.

  • JTW

    I live next to Pt Roberts WA. I am always trying to explain it to…now I can just send this link. Thank you!

  • PR gal

    “Unity together.” We live in this Geo-political oddity on the 49th parallel called Point Roberts, USA . PR is a neighborly community where Canadians out number Americans…but who’s counting? Thanks for great VIDEO.

  • Dirty J Hoffa

    But like sisters we should also talk behind each others back to our friends about how much we hate each other.

  • AtticusinCanada

    “The border must remain clearly marked” as well as the fact that Canada’s Charter of Rights must be respected. So no thanks to FATCA, Americans, it violates our Charter. Something we take very seriously.

  • MRR845

    lol it is true

  • A Lady

    What a neat video! I’ve always enjoyed having the US as my neighbours. I don’t get to the states often, but when I do, everyone has been extremely nice!

  • Gary Dickson

    Talking of bizarre, the Haskell Free Library and Opera House in Rock Island, Quebec, and Derby Line, Vermont, actually sits on the border. A black line for the border goes right down the middle of the library.

  • Eps iLon

    Yes, and every year during spring break, we can kiss and make up with a shopping trip in Vagina, Saskatchewan.

  • cartwagon

    I hope you mean Regina, Saskatchewan

  • CanuckzInAZ

    If Regina ever is considering a name change, I would vote for the one above, just for fun!

    In Glendale, Arizona, where the Arizona Cardinals play football, the University of Phoenix Stadium was almost named the “Pink Taco”, after the chain of taco restaurants.

    I’m still dissappointed that name didn’t go through ;-)

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    Book marked can’t wait til january2014 when frozen to the the net:)

  • elremg

    interesting, eh?

  • DougS

    Liked your website. You may already know about it, but the book “Pig War Islands” lovingly describes the conflict between the British and Americans that resulted in the Germans deciding where the border would pass across from Pt. Roberts to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. One of the many trivia is that Picket of “Picket’s charge” during the Civil War was before commandant of the American Encampment that faced the British on San Juan Island.

  • Sue

    Awesome video! I’ve learned more than I ever did in school about our nations boarder! This should be sent to every Geography teacher in both countries!

  • couyon

    Point Roberts exists so that Canadians across from it can drive over to fill their tanks as gas is so much cheaper there. Gas, by the way, that Canada has plenty of, that Americans crave for and that Americans can buy cheaper than Canadians and still complain about it, Eh!

  • Me.

    You could have learned even more by reading the title of the video. It’s spelled BORDER…

  • Tree

    how do we keep the americans out of canada?

  • Susie Cream Cheese

    It was good, but his speech was much too fast, and I wish it had been captioned. Those of us with limited hearing are really lost when trying to listen to speech like his.

  • Gary Dickson

    I agree. It looks like the narrator was trying to cram a lot of information into a very small time period (5-6 minutes).

    There’s a lot more weirdness about the border than he describes.

  • Gary Dickson

    It’s hard, I know. They keep trying to sneak into Canada to get out of their own country by waving a Canadian flag at Canada Customs.

    One solution is to tell them that they can’t bring their guns with them.

  • Roy Wayne

    More like cousins,,,,,,,brothers and sisters fight too much.
    We all have to get along,there isn’t any other way. We were both British at one time and now both have been free from Britain for a long time and share the Greatest continent on the globe. Canada has more wilderness and resources and U.S.A.,has bigger cities and warm sunny places and beaches. Myself I think we do a damn good job of keeping our friendship in tact.
    At Blaine Wa.,there is a peace arch with gates at the 49th Par.,on which it reads.
    ” Breterin Dwelling Together In Unity These Gates Shall Never Close ” Lets all abide by these words forever.
    Independence Day: U.S.A. July 4th/1776
    Canada July 1st/1867

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    A super cool presentation

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  • swiftsure

    Our local sports arena was up for corporate name change a few years back. The credit union won the bid but I was really rooting for the adult “toy” store to win. I would have loved watching hockey games in Love n’ Lace Place.

  • Kay Kay

    is it not north america>>>> indegenous island people after all an island is a body of land surrounded by water again i will co-ordianate you bueford/baltic north alantic gulf pacific

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    Are you a 13 year old boy?

  • Tracey

    Very interesting and entertaining. Thank you!

  • Crabby Appleton

    I’ve had 3 glasses of wine and still can not understand anything you said.

  • not a fan of ostriches

    Your country is a giant parasite, with little infrastructure, less military, practically no culture or ideas not borrowed from the US And a health care system that disrespects first nations people (your “niggers”) and couldn’t function at all without your proximity to the US.

  • Ears

    Worst narration I’ve heard, no human around to read the transcript? It’s very annoying listening to computer generated speech, could have been a fine video!

  • Noel

    What’s critical and could become a serious conflict in the future not only with the US but other countries like Russia is the North Arctic. It may not happen during our lifetime but with climate change, the area could become a flash point among claimants, legitimate or illegitimate. So far, I believe Canada has the right to own North Arctic even just basing on history.

  • feonwofb

    I’m from New Brunswick Canada and we have golf courses that have holes on the both side of the border, its pretty fun to say that you can drive that ball into the next time zone.

  • rlb

    Us should give Point Roberts to Canada and save millions it is spending on support and customs

  • Billy

    Parasite.. where do you think your water comes from ….or your Power.. and a whole lot more… sorry to say you have it backwards there champ.

  • Ethel Winchester

    I guess you missed the spelling part, though….

  • Chris Hansen

    On the next “To Catch a Predator”

  • Edm68

    Of course they can, as long as they meet the same criteria Canadians do. See Canada Border Customs for the forms and info like the ATT and the Firearms Declaration Form….

  • Gary Dickson

    I know that but Americans don’t know that. All we have to do is lie to them like Obama does. Or, as you’re suggesting, throw a bunch of forms at them like the IRS does.

  • logic101

    Sounds like u have a sh!tty family then… that hates u

  • Hux

    Why would you hate Canada . You are are an idiot.

  • Hux

    Canada is as great as the USA .We share and live along the longest unguarded border in the world and friends. That suits me fine . That border puts me in Canada and proud to be here. Proud Canadian .

  • Guest

    Don’t start me on Canadian gas… our head idiot Barack Obama initially rejected the Keystone Pipeline on the grounds that it would contribute to global warming. Please. If the US doesn’t refine it, Canada will just export crude oil to China and they’ll do the job with inferior technology. Just one more reason I wish that idiot would just go away. As an aside, I live part of the year in New Brunswick, and the gas across the border in Maine isn’t any cheaper than what I can buy on the Canadian mainland. No gas on Campobello Island. No full-time direct access to the Canadian mainland either. Still love Canada though! The weather in the summer is far better than in Florida…

    I didn’t realize my island was in the video, however briefly. We really don’t have any gas stations on the island. We also lack a full-time ferry service to the Canadian Mainland, something that I think violates the Canadian Charter of Rights. To get to St John’s, N.B. we have to drive across the bridge (mentioned in the video) to the border crossing in Lubec, Maine, which sometimes takes a while. Then we have to go through Maine for an hour to get to Calais, where another border crossing with a longer wait time awaits. Get through that eventually, and it’s off through St. Stephen and up the highway to St. John’s. Yep, a journey of 12 miles takes almost 2 hours, give or take.

  • Guest

    I doubt even Ozzy Osbourne could understand that one…

  • Guest

    I live on Campobello Island, N.B. part of the year. While the island is part of Canada, it only has direct access to the mainland via ferry boats for two months. The other ten months of the year, the only access to Canada is via your own private boat or across the bridge and through Maine. It takes an hour to drive around the Passamaquoddy Bay to get to the nearest Canadian town, St. Stephen, and even further to the nearest good sized town, St John. Campobello lost it’s pharmacy a few years back, but at least it has a couple of restaurants and the 9 hole golf course. That Ottawa and even Fredericton have seemingly forgotten this place exists really grates on the islanders. All they have to do is look west about two miles and there is Deer Island, which has full-time ferry access year round, courtesy of the government.

  • Guest

    I live on Campobello Island, briefly mentioned in the video. There is no geographical oddity here, as the whole island is part of Canada. It is, however a political oddity in that ten months out of the year the only access to the Canadian mainland is either by your own boat or via the bridge to Lubec, Maine. It’s a real pain in the ass when I want to visit friends in St. Andrews. Even though they are only 12 miles apart, it takes over two hours to drive there. Stupid Deer Island, next door to us, has not one but TWO medium sized full-time ferry boats courtesy of the government, but despite years of petitions to Fredericton and Ottawa, we have no full time ferry at all. That almost a thousand Canadian citizens are being denied their rights under Canadian law just doesn’t seem to matter to anyone.

  • Guest

    You’re not helping international relations here. I live in Canada part of the year and the rest in Florida. I happen to like Canada. The people here are far nicer than the idiots in Florida. I hate Florida. Ten more years is all I’ll need before my daughter goes off to college and I can leave assholes like you behind. In the meantime, shut up.

  • Guest

    Just looked up FATCA and can definitely see how it messes with Canada. I’m from the US and live in Canada part time (oddly enough on the anomaly called Campobello Island that is mentioned in the video. It figures that Obama would just go ahead and sign that into law. Please don’t judge us all by that damn fool. He’s just another racist tool regurgitated by the likes of the NAACP, Sharpton, and Jackson to cater to the wants of their chosen minority group. The words “President” and “Barack Obama” never leave my lips, or my fingertips, together. Just two and a half more years before his Reign of Incompetence is over forever.

    BTW, I wish the Canadian government took the Canadian Charter of Rights as seriously as the rest of the citizenry of Canada does. Our island would have full-time ferry access to St. John if they did. It would sure save my Canadian friends the hassle of driving through Maine during the other ten months we don’t have a single ferry at all.

  • Guest

    Screw what the Russians think. They gain the freedom to vote and still pick dictators like Vladimir Putin. Give Canada the whole arctic when it melts and send some of that beautiful crude down south, eh?

  • daveabey

    Very Cool!!

  • Canamjay

    why can’t you clean up the audio on these things or forget posting… super annoying.

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  • Pingston

    Yep. And the American Revolution really created both countries.

    The losers got what they made into Canada out of the remaining British Colonies which didn’t revolt (Colony of Quebec, Colony of Newfoundland [not til 1949], Colony of Nova Scotia [split in two with north part becoming New Brunswick, named after New Jersey town]) plus additional north and west land from UK and Hudson’s Bay Company (1670-founded company now owned by Americans).

    With resolution of revolution in 1783, the current reality was set in motion. The War of 1812 would have changed a lot had either side won. The 1867 US defensive purchase of Alaska from the Russians in the same year the Dominion of Canada was founded (tying together the 4 provinces the former colonies had become) was a minor game-changer, but Canada would still become second largest country in world and addition of Alaska wouldn’t have changed that, just added more oil in future.

    Canada had world’s first commercial oil well in Oil Springs, Ontario (a year before Drake Well in Pennsylvanaia) and together the development of the world oil industry came from US and Canadian roots within a few hundred miles of Detroit. Same area has largest salt deposits in the world.

    Need for both is to smarten up profligate governments and stop waste. Both should be enjoying highest possible living standards.

  • Pingston

    As it would be an internal ferry, it’s up to the province, not the feds. It may simply not be cost-effective for the rest of the province’s taxpayers. It also encourages local commercial activities.

  • Guest

    I’m going to assume you’re Canadian, and because of that you have a FAR better grasp of Canadian law than I do. That said, I’ve talked with my neighbors, all of whom are Canadians who have lived on this island for the majority of their lives and who understand the laws. They all say that New Brunswick IS responsible for full-time, direct access to the mainland, and that the lack of a full-time ferry leaves them high and dry. I don’t know the laws here, but they all tell me that Ottawa requires the provinces to provide some sort of access to the mainland that doesn’t involve the USA. The summer ferry we have is a private enterprise; it only goes to Deer Island, where one takes another ferry and as such it costs more to get to St. John that way than to drive. It really isn’t quicker either. A direct ferry could solve some of this, and would at least get rid of the hyper-scrutinous hacks at the US Border station, who are ALWAYS extremely suspicious whenever we (or anyone else on this island) go to Lubec or beyond. It is just an unnecessary burden on my Canadian friends. It seems as though the rest of Canada has forgotten this island exists.

    Sorry that I write so much. I know you didn’t sign up for this, but I really do appreciate the Canadian point of view on the matter. If I could, I would live here year-round. The weather is better than Florida, at least during the summer, and Canadians are far kinder than either the New Yorkers that pollute my state or the native Floridians. Ten years is all I need before my daughter leaves for college and I can move back to Denver. I’ll probably keep this property here after my folks start pushing up the daisies even though I can only reside here for six months and a day. This place has really grown on me.

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  • Guest

    I completely agree with your last sentence. I just hope Canada isn’t ruined the way the US is, insofar as my powermad government is concerned. That my government has such broad and unchecked power over people’s personal information really disturbs me, and shows how far my nation has fallen as far as human rights are concerned. On the other hand, if my computer hard drive crashes and I get a good lawyer, I might be able to restore every picture of my cat from NSA archives…

  • Guest

    With only two exceptions, I prefer my Canadian neighbors. I live in Florida and New Brunswick at different parts of the year, and I have come to prefer Canada. I really love my Canadian neighbors, as they are all extremely nice and fun to be around. I love three individual neighbors back in Florida, but I’m either indifferent or dislike the rest of my street. I have only two annoying neighbors in Canada, and that is only because one runs his chainsaw occasionally when he gets off work at dusk, and the other has a yippy dog that stays outside for hours on end, usually at night. Other than them, it is so much nicer here than Florida.

  • Richards in Vancouver

    Vagina’s sister city is Dildo, Newfoundland.

  • Cymru507

    Tell them we have universal health care. That should keep the republicans out, at least.

  • cdntalk

    Canada is the biggest supplier of foreign oil to the USA, as well as electricity and many other natural resources. The USA is the parasite on Canada, and Canada willingly supplies the US demand. If the US does not want it, there is a whole world who wants our oil and natural resources. which is why China has been investing so much in Canada.
    It is why a pipeline will be built to either the west coast, or east coast to sell Canadian oil to the world, so that it is not at the mercy of Texas Oil barons to buy it.
    There is very many similarities in our countries because of our common roots in being British colonies, but you get away from the borders and you will find very unique culture throughout Canada. I would say that the UK has had a greater impact on our commonality. While some music is similar, you will find African-American artists to have less impact in Canada than in the USA.
    With the internet supplying media from throughout the world, in our household I find we are more apt to watch British based TV programming than US. US TV has degraded into a lot of rubbish, and reality shows.
    There are many similarities in our two countries as would be expected from former British colonies with a common border, but there are also many things unique to Canada, especially our lack of mass murders, and far lower murder rate per capita.

  • cdntalk

    More than likely because a ferry for 1000 citizens, or about 400 households, it might mean 1 car or less a day to run. It would cost you $20 and the government would have to pay out the other $5000/ day to keep it running.
    That said, while the US route is 38 KM longer, according to google maps, it is 37 minutes faster because taking a ferry is so much more time consuming and taking one to Deer Island, and then another from Deer Island to the mainland slows you down.

  • cdntalk

    Obama did NOT cancel the pipeline because of global warming? The proposed route was to go through an aquifer which supplies drinking water to millions of people, and those people did not want it going through there.

    The keystone pipeline would NOT have any effect on the price of gasoline in the USA. It would supply Gulf coast refineries to refine and export. They US exported more refined fuels than it imported last year. They will not sell it in the USA for cheaper than they can get it on the world markets. The price of oil is set on world markets, not domestic.
    The main difference in pricing in countries is the tax. I just filled up at $1.25/L for gasoline, which works out to $4.73CAD/US gallon which is $4.53USD/US gallon, which is about $1/gallon than what they pay, and the majority of that is in taxes.

  • Russasaurus


  • richcom133

    no doubt started by napolitano and clinton, idiots.

  • Herebeforeyou

    You must be from Asshole, Wyoming

  • herebeforeyou

    Why would we need the ‘right’ to own what’s already ours? The point where the actual north pole is doesn’t belong to any state. But the British mapped the Arctic, and claimed it. The Canadian gov’t administers it. Alert Bay is the most northerly military post in the world and it’s Canadian. The Northwest Passage is Canadian waters and the U.S. rudely cruise through it like it was international waters. Typical yankee attitude.

  • Miss Monika

    I (Canadian) have NO PROBLEMS entering USA;
    however, coming back to Canada,
    I am always bullied;

    Despite the plethora of documents I voluntarily provide:

    birth certificate
    driver’s license
    Cat adoption certificate
    satisfaction of mortgage statement
    car registration/ insurance
    homeowners insurance
    school registration/ id
    pay stubs
    cell phone bills
    hydro bills

    plane/train tickets
    sales receipts

    I am always pulled over or directed to secondary;
    Canadian Border Agents
    interrogate me
    humiliate me
    accuse me
    threaten me
    hold me
    search my property
    make false allegations
    detain me
    search me

    After a few hours of treating me like a criminal,
    They allow me to go on my way

  • Miss Monika

    thanks for the trivia:)

  • Miss Monika

    no…. our health care system disrespects responsible, healthy, self reliant individuals;
    otherwise; ON POINT;

  • AtticusinCanada

    I’ve never had that problem. Why would you travel with hydro bills, cell phone bills etc?? I’ve been crossing the border for over 33 years without any of these issues? You travel with home owners policy? :S If you’ve had an issue crossing the border that they felt was somewhat serious that will be entered into their system. Then when you try to cross in the future you’ll likely be flagged as someone to look closer at but, I’ve never heard of anyone having to produce the type of documents you list there while traveling. In fact some of those documents wouldn’t be safe to travel with unless they are coplies.

  • AtticusinCanada

    Disrespecting the Charter may change sooner than you think. Canada’s leading constitutional lawyer thinks FATCA violates the Charter and has said there will be lawsuits over it. As in a Charter Challenge. If that happens the government might have to take a step back and realize that the citizens of this country DO intend to exercise our rights under the Charter now and in the future.

  • Archie1954

    Isn’t Campobello where an American president, FDR, had a summer home? He must be the only president that regularly vacationed in the same place outside of the US. My how times have changed!

  • Archie1954

    “Little” infrastructure? Interesting comment but thankfully very mistaken! Where I live in Canada, for instance has been either number one or possibly two on the list of best cities in the world as judged by the UN and certain travel pundits for more than ten years running. Needless to say, I am very happy and thank The Lord everyday that I find myself here in a type of earthly paradise. I’m afraid I can’t even imagine the nightmare it would be to live in the US although there are literally millions of third world denizens who are attempting to get in. I guess it’s a matter of perception. Here we have universal healthcare, a strong social safety net, a democratic humanitarian society, wealth beyond belief, a desire to live in peace and stability, a dislike of imperialism and a strong reliance on cooperation rather than competition. I know these are terrible things to an American but that is why we have a border. Let’s keep it strong and sacrosanct, shall we?

  • Patricia Parker

    I was always interested in seeing that island. It must be terribly inconvenient to get on and off, but what a beautiful place. Nova Scotia is working with Maine to start up the ferry again, that runs from Maine to N.S..(it is election time), but I guess they don’t want to add to the route.
    pat parker.N.S.

  • LS650

    No one likes a hater.

  • Leigh

    Canada cannot hear you over our free healthcare….and your GUNS…….

  • VanCityEh

    How do we remove ignorant people like you from Canada?

  • http://www.american-partisan.com/ Tim Rollins

    Sounds to me like YOU might be the problem. In 20+ years and all the trips I have made (and yes, there have been PLENTY), my passport has more than done the trick for me.

    The only reason CBSA has treated you like that is because your demeanor has given them suspicion or probable cause to pull you in for secondary screening. The United States CBP (Customs and Border Protection) works the same way.

    The only way people act like that generally is if they have something to hide…

  • Tweety58

    Hey Doucheb ag I live in Canada and own 28 guns.NINE are *eek* hand guns sissy.

    There are MORE GUNS PER CAPITA in Canada than in the USA AND we just got rid of the long gun registry,You must be a pinko Sausage Jockey from PIGTOWN.

  • Tweety58

    He’s lying.I NEVER have to show ANY I.D. to the tobacco and booze guards. I could smuggle an A Bomb across.

  • Tweety58

    I LOVE AMERICA but you’ve become the USSA-a Police State under Maobama and the DemoNazis.

  • Tweety58

    Hey as shole.Southern Ontario was SETTLED by Americans from Pennsylvania and I’m not talking about United Empire Loyalists-how do we keep your big fat fkn mouth shut ?s VOLUNTEERED to fight in Viet Nam(including ME-TET 1968 USMC)65,000 fought in the War between the States including MY relatives from Kenora.

    The USMC awarded Canadian snipers 40 COUNT ‘EM !!! Bronze stars for saving pinned down marines in Afghanistan,so shut your mealy fa ggot mouth,Miss.

  • Tweety58

    But they CAN-IF they register their handguns-they can bring as many long guns as they wish,Sausage Jockey.

  • Tweety58

    Our healthcare will look like GOLD compared to DemoNazi Maobamacare,No Democrats allowed-Only Tea Party,Libertarians and NO RINOS.

  • Tweety58

    We just told them feghele.

  • Tweety58


  • Tweety58


  • Tweety58

    In my town of Port Colborne on the shore of Lake Erie-lots of Americans and Presidents used to live on Tennesee Ave,in the summer.

    In 1889, the Humberstone Club, composed of wealthy summer residents from the southern states such as Mrs. Jefferson Davis, wife of the former president of the Confederacy during the American Civil War, chose Port Colborne as their destination of escape from the summer heat. The architecture of Tennessee Avenue today gives us a glimpse into its southern roots.

  • Tweety58

    The USMC awarded Canadian snipers 40 COUNT ‘EM !!! Bronze stars for saving pinned down marines in Afghanistan,so shut your mealy fa ggot mouth,Miss.

    I along with 50,000 other Canadians served in American Armed Forces in Vietnam,faggot.I fought as a grunt during Tet, 0311-MOS (1968)and retook Hue with my Division adter 8 days of house to house fighting.


    Where were you homo-shitting your diapers you racist prick?Or blowing your boyfriend? I was stationed at Khe Sahn for 3 months. 24 hour artillery INCOMING -you would have shit your panties..

    I left the USMC as A Gunnery Sergeant you piece of shit,you’d just fuck up my corps.

  • Tweety58

    See my comments cunt.

  • Gary Dickson

    Oh, lighten up, for cryin’ out loud. Do you have to come out with all guns blazing if someone doesn’t want to kneel and kiss America’s ring?

    I’m an American living in Canada and I thought Tree’s comment was absolutely hilarious.

    Canadians are wonderful, beautiful people. Tree’s comment was typical, British-influenced humour that made me laugh my head off.

    Try a little humility. It might help relations between the U.S. and Canada.

  • Tweety58

    Too fucking late and the aquifer is just Sierra Club bumph and agitprop.There’s a AROUND it but Redford and Daryl and Daryl Hannah say NO !

    China your biggest trading competitor is getting the lion’s share,They already own Maobama’s USSA.

    We’re going to run the pipeline to Eastern Canada-500 years of energy security that COULD have gone to you and with no blood or tears in it and not sold to you by Islamofascists who want YOU DEAD,but allies.

    You fucked up royally dumbfuck-it’s TOO LATE NOW so fuck you.Better fire up those stills.

  • Tweety58

    Fuck you PINKO.GO HOME.Probably a fucking Draft Dodger.

  • Marceli Szpal

    Dear Pingston,

    Re: your info on oil industry and first oil well
    ever heard of this man?:


    I wonder which oil well was really the first one to be tapped and used commericially?

    Stay cool.

  • johnbrooks3

    I remember the goof up Canada/BC did in sounding a horn saying they will create a new harbour in Northern BC to ship good out. Only problem is that ‘port’ has a glacier and didn’t retreat much so the only water access is still in the US.

  • cdntalk

    You are an idiot tweety, and do not know how to read. If you read my entire post, you would see that I am Canadian, and you go on some rant directed at me as an American. That oil going out east does not mean it will not go to the USA. It will get put in tankers and go to anybody who buys it including gulf coast refineries.

  • johnbrooks3

    FAIL. You live part of the year in New Brunswick but yet don’t know how to spell one of their largest cities?

    It is Saint. John, NB. St. John’s is in NFLD. ;-b

  • Tweety58

    Bite me asshole,

  • Tweety58


  • Gary Dickson

    No, I’m not a draft dodger. I qualified for a student deferment while I was earning my B.Sc. in Computer Science.

    But you’ve only confirmed what makes me sad about a few Americans who create nothing but antagonism between the two countries.

  • RubenTimes

    Canada should let in 100 million immigrants make them all do 2 years of mandatory military service and then attack America.

  • Molsy

    by the looks of southern ontario, that seems too be the plan, stupid government, idiot muslims, fucking samoli parasites, look out USA!

  • Jojo Maling

    Excellent video but reading the comments was a lot more entertaining.

  • Todd Smith

    You need to fact check first. There were several commercial oil well several years before Drake’s! They were in Europe. Try Poland, Romania and the Baku region. Poland also had the first commercial refinery in 1853.

  • Arcturus

    You are woefully uninformed.

  • Arcturus

    Yes. Because if we don’t burn it, someone else will. Good thinking, Einstein. Work on developing some morals.

  • Arcturus

    It is morons like Tweety who are ruining America. Low-info, low-reasoning and big mouths.. The quintessential “ugly American.” And people like that will NEVER see themselves as they are.

  • Tweety58

    Thong too tight Lieberal ?

  • Tweety58

    You are a wilfully blind Leftist tool.

    Please emigrate to the USSA.Your Marxist brothers run that show,Lieberal or more likely Dipper.

  • Arcturus

    See folks? Right-wing intelligence on display here. Main skill? Taking up space.

  • Tweety58

    Sounds like a Dirty Sanchez but MUCH worse.

  • Tweety58

    Is that similar to Bag O’ginas Minnesota ? Named after their snack.I recommend the tuna flavoured.Stay away from the 5 day old dead carp flavour.

  • Tweety58

    Go change your pad,Dear.You stink.

  • Andrew agbonlahor

    Two God blessed countries should never have any problems living and sharing together, even if petroleum and other natural resources are discovered, these two wise countries should be able to reap together and share whatever turns up.

  • desertvoice

    I love the Canadian landscape and generally unpolluted air. During my visists there, I found people to be mostly nice. With the exception of one occassion where I was personallyn insulted by the Canadian border crossing police woman. That woman climbed on the back of my pickup, and proceeded for the next thirty minutes to check every item that was in there, hundreds of them. It seemed like being in some Turkish or Malasian border check points from the movies. It was insulting, for I have never experienced such thing in any place in the world!

  • xyz

    Nope, he is rite. Canada is one of the shittiest countries to live in. If u are a brainwashed moron, ure problem, not mine

  • Jose

    “ure problem”? You obviously don’t meet the minimum requirements to form such an opinion.

  • Westy52

    you are a middle aged white guy like me and we have no issues. He is a brown fella with questionable friends and has several low level convictions on his Canadian record.

  • Westy52

    I happen to like most Americans. I find they are no different than us in that they are simply trying to work hard and support their family and put a roof over their heads. The fact you can golf 12 months a year add to the charm and draw that southern U.S. has for cold Canadians.