125 Splooshtastic Archer Gifs

June 5th, 2013

party party party

There’s no denying that Archer is pretty freakin’ awesome! If you haven’t seen the show yet, you probably should – the series has received a number of accolades, including the Comedy Award for “Best Animated Comedy Series” and the Critics’ Choice Television Award for “Best Animated Series”. It stars some really hilarious folks, including H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell and Jessica Walter. If you’re still not convinced, check out these animated gifs from the show. If you’re already watching it, then enjoy these gifs anyway.

Sterling Archer

liquor and therapy

archer point

how do you know that 1

how do you know that 2

archer just like gator

archer's cooler

small miracles

archer and cyril 1

archer and cyril 2

archer and cyril 3

archer crying

archer kills pirates 1

archer kills pirates 2

guns or booze

sealab 1

sealab 2

sealab 3

sealab 4

pretend you weren't my mother

archer on violence

tic tac

archer and babou

archer and woodhouse


in the danger zone



six gummy bears and scotch

woodhouse and archer 2

archer handcuffs 1

archer handcuffs 2

archer handcuffs 3


archer and woodhouse 3

archer bawk bawk

lana and archer 2

clothing makes the man

drinking moonshine

archer and barry 1

archer and barry 2

archer 1

archer 2

archer versus space

breathing fast 1

breathing fast 2

breathing fast 3

breathing fast 4

Lana Kane

lana and archer 1

lana and archer 2

lana and archer 3

lana shooting 2


lana 2

lana talk to the hand

lana shooting a gun

lana gets shot 1

lana gets shot 2

lana gets shot 3

lana gets shot 4

Malory Archer

malory archer

malory archer

malory 1

malory 2

malory confused

malory eye infection

malory drinking

malory archer

malory laughing

trudy beekman

Cyril Figgis

cyril gets slapped




Cheryl Tunt


cheryl 2

cheryl 3

cheryl 4

cheryl 5

cheryl 6

cheryl 7

cheryl 8

cheryl 1

cheryl 2

cheryl 3

cheryl 4

cheryl 5

cheryl 6

cheryl space princess 1

cheryl space princess 2

what what

Pam Poovey

pam perfect day 1

pam perfect day 2

pam perfect day 3

pam perfect day 4

pam perfect day 5

pam perfect day 6



pam punching

pam 1

pam 2


come at me bro


vacation pam

man hands

poison mushroom 1

poison mushroom 2

poison mushroom 3

poison mushroom 4


pam victory

little dance

Mr. Doctor Algernop Krieger


krieger 2


smoke bomb

hologram 1

hologram 2

Ray Gillette


ray 1

ray 2

ray 3

ray 4