45 Examples Of Video Game Logic

May 2nd, 2013

There is a difference between actual logic and logic in video games. For example, in video games, strange mushrooms make you taller, while in the real world, they could poison you. In real life, money is earned by working hard, but in video games? People just leave that stuff lyin’ around like it’s worthless. Really, any sort of logic that can only be applied to video games falls into the category of “video game logic”.

The first known instance of the term “video game logic” being used is credited to a review of the game Dark Castle on Something Awful:

    “Okay, you made it so touching the enemies causes instant death. That’s pretty stupid, but as a mature adult I can deal with it. There’s no need to insult us both by attempting to rationalize your insane video game logic with some [BS] plague excuse.” (via)

Many sites have published articles on the topic of video game logic being used in everyday life, illustrating how weird our world would be if it were more like a game, and many of these concepts can be found in meme form throughout the internet. One of the first known instances of this occurrence came from Redditor Tackett79, who posted the following image of Bowser from Super Mario Bros. with the heading “Video Game Logic”.


Another popular video game logic post on Reddit was this rage comic posted by pearson530, which captures the essence of what it must be like to be the antagonist in a first-person shooter:

rage comic

Here are a few other notable examples from various games:

Halo logic

Halo logic halo logic

God of War logic

god of war logic

Super Mario logic

Super Mario logic mario logic

Fallout Logic

fallout logic

Pokemon logic

pokemon logic Pokemon logic 2 pokemon logic pokemon logic 2 pokemon logic 3 pokemon logic 4

Final Fantasy VII logic


Bioshock Infinite logic

bioshock infinite logic bioshock infinite

Call of Duty logic
call of duty in a nutshell

COD logic

Mass Effect logic

mass effect mass effect logic

Angry Birds logic

angry birds logic

Skyrim logic

skyrim logic skyrim logic skyrim logic 2

Sonic logic (hey, that rhymes!)

sonic logic

Team Fortress 2 logic

TF2 logic 1 TF2 logic 2

DuckTales logic

ducktales logic

Assassin’s Creed logic

Assassins Creed logic Assassin's creed logic assassin's creed logic 2

Tomb Raider logic

tomb raider logic

Frogger logic

frogger logic

Legend of Zelda logic

legend of zelda legend of zelda logic

Dishonored logic

dishonored logic dishonored logic 2

Animal Crossing logic

Animal Crossing

Resident Evil 4 logic

res evil logic res evil logic

Mega Man Logic

megaman logic

GTA IV logic

GTA logic

Kingdom Hearts logic

kingdom hearts logic

Metal Gear Rising logic

Metal Gear Rising