25 Awesome Pranks You Can Play On Your Friends

March 13th, 2013

Thinking about pullin’ a prank on a close friend, a family member or perhaps an irritating co-worker? Here are a few good prank ideas you can do that are guaranteed to get a chuckle and a fist to the stomach.

An oldie but a goodie

Wear a scary mask and carry a chainsaw

Classic stapler in the Jell-O prank

Leave a sarcastic note on your friend’s car

via MrAnt1

Or a sarcastic cow

If they drive a Toyota, just do this

Replace every photo in your friend’s house with a celebrity, like Samuel L. Jackson

And dress their dog up as a celebrity, like Samuel L. Jackson

Or Al Franken

Get a hedgehog to devour your friend’s couch

via Dawwr

Surround your neighborhood with a rainbow forcefield

Put a spider in someone’s coffee

Freak everyone out by riding an invisible bike around town

Plague your town with ducks

via kskn

Cast magic missile at a nerd (thereby making you a nerd as well… you nerd)

via Dorkly

Cut the budget

Rearrange the books at your local library

Do anything Charlie does on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Put a shark in the local community center pool

Do this

Flip it

Flip it

Do not flip it (unless you wanna be the prankee)

Classic snow track prank

Work on your mime work and do this