21 Amazing Informercial Screw-Ups

March 27th, 2013

Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the subreddit r/wheredidthesodago, where users upload animated gifs of the most goofy and ridiculous moments they find during infomercials.

Well, lucky you, we’ve gathered the best of the best in one handy post for you to enjoy.

1. Help Me, I’m Drowning

2. I’ll Just Open This Tupperware Perfectly…

3. What A Good Smell

4. What a Chair

5. Don’t Feed That To Your Dog

6. Big Time Storage Problems

7. Dusting Is Hazardous

8. Is No One Gonna Clean That Up?

9. The Perfect Crime

10. Everything Is SO HARD

11. Just Trying To Cook Some Dogs

12. The Clumsiest Person Alive

13. Some Inidana Jones Action

14. Jealous Of My Fancy-Ass Vaccuum? Yeah, I Would Be Too

15. Just Don’t Put Your Face Near His Butt Is All

16. Alright Son, Let’s Get You Ready For The Dance

17. Stop Snickering, It’s Scientifically Proven

18. How The HELL Am I Supposed To Use This Complex Device?

19. EVERY TIME I Try To Sit Down!

20. I Was SO CLOSE To Having a Nice Donut