30 Great Examples Of The “Soon” Meme

February 6th, 2013

Soon, a popular online meme, usually features a creepy image of a person, animal or thing peering out of a dark space or hovering in the background, with the word “Soon” overlaid on the image. It is meant to imply a sense of impending doom or approaching disaster.

It started off with the following image from I Can Has Cheezburger, posted back in April of 2007.

Then, we were given this little treat, titled “Honey Bear Sweet Honey Bear” by Brock Davis.

via Reddit

This lead to the inevitable spread of the meme throughout the internet, and SOON everyone was doing it.

Some of the images don’t even have to say “Soon” on them, and just get by with the implication of the emotion.

via dishie

via tyrroi

Even animated gifs can get in on the fun.