28 Things From The ’90s That Made You Cool

February 26th, 2013

The 1990s were such a cool time to be a kid; we had so many neat things. If you had any of the following items, you were definitely the envy of all your friends. Now, let us take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

A Talkboy

Just like in Home Alone 2.

A Skip-It

Remember when exercise was an important part of having fun?

A Tamagotchi

For kids whose parents wouldn’t allow them to have a real pet.


Because it was way more fun than Silly Putty.


If you brought these to school, you were the champion of lunchtime.

Devil Sticks

The perfect hobby to prepare you for your future career as a street performer.

An Easy-Bake Oven

Who needs to steal sweets from the pantry when you can just make your own?

A Laser Pointer

Much to the annoyance of your teachers, parents and pets.

A whole collection of The Simpsons Pogs

Featuring such unforgettable characters as Moe, Dr. Marvin Monroe and… Hypno Head? Plus, Smithers with orange hair!

A Furby

Coming in just under the wire, as it was really popular towards the end of the nineties.


Probably more coveted than Gushers because they tasted like pop.

Yak Bak SFX

Solidify your place as class clown with an assortment of SFX, from a drum roll to a fart.

A pair of Rollerblades

I don’t need you anymore, bicycle.

The Space Jam soundtrack

While Coolio was still relevant and before R. Kelly was a creep.

The Creepy Crawlers toy

The original 3D printer.

An N64, four controllers and a copy of Goldeneye

Slappers only!

A Super Nintendo, a Multitap, four controllers and a copy of Turtles in Time

“Big Apple, 3 a.m.” was the true call to adventure.

The Super Soaker 300

The backpack meant you were serious.

Rainbow The Chameleon Beanie Baby

Face it, Rainbow the Chameleon was the coolest Beanie Baby to have. Take that, Tiki the Flamingo!

A Marvel Flair card of Carnage

Especially if it was shiny.

A VHS copy of The Lion King

Aladdin? Forget about it! The Lion King is the true master of classic Disney flicks.

The “I Loved Barney” Pog

Probably the most coveted of all the pogs.

A copy of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Bad Hair Day

“Amish Paradise” is better than the original.

The Palace of Poison Mighty Max

It had a giant scorpion. A GIANT SCORPION.

All the Zords so you could form Megazord

If you had the whole set, your parents were probably rich.

An “Oh My God! They Killed Kenny” t-shirt

There was a time when this was considered “edgy”.

If you were 16, a Pontiac Sunfire in red

Red meant you were a badass who played by your own rules.