Words Can’t Explain These Photos (25 Pics)

January 18th, 2013

Some of the craziest images on the internet you’ll see all day. Also, enjoy these 24 moments of First World Anarchy, which are just as silly.

Hopefully These Are Not Your Neighbours

Flame On

Better Than Walking

You’ve Been Warned

Good Cop, Horse Cop

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So Many Questions

Never One Night Stand

Make Time For Your Pets

Painful Condoms

It’s Gonna Be Hard To Get Down From There

This Guy Clearly Saw Free Willy

No Pain No Gain

Got Vajazzle?

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Watermelon Warrior

Your Legs Are Jacked, Brother

Who’s Your Daddy?

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Seems Legit

Is That What I Think it is?

Bruce? Noooooo

I’m With You… Wait

I Left it Parked on the Second Floor

Sometimes you Just Have to Say No to Your Kids

Well, it’s Certainly Inspirational




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