People Who Look Like Paintings, Sleepy Pets and Epic Moments (35 Pics)

December 5th, 2012

If these pics prove anything, it’s that works of art come in all shapes and sizes (and so do the people who look like them). Oh, and animals are cute when they’re sleepy. Enjoy!

Wind-Up toys based on The Wire make great stocking stuffers

Happy Puppy!

When life imitates art

And again

One more time

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DIY XMas Tree – and it smells nice, too!

Couch FTW

Big feet for a baby

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Unbelievable! A travesty, even!

New puppy

New handshake

Phone problems

Some people are just Grinches

Christmas Story pug

There’s some things the PokeCenter can’t fix

Exhausted Dog!

The more you know

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Now starring in Half-Baked Girl

Well, if it didn’t taste good the first time…

Hooray for edumacation

Scary Princess Cat

Octopi will rule

Lookit da kitty!


Scumbag Engine

Dragon problems

Epic Physics

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Copy Cat

Should you buy Borderlands 2?

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The Iceman Cometh

“Hey, I’m drivin’ here!”

Nature fact: Tigers have no concept of ‘bad luck’, only ‘love’

Mischief Cat!

Just a reminder…