Comedy Spotlight: Judd Apatow

December 11th, 2012

Judd Apatow has had a hand in some of the biggest comedy films and shows for over the past twenty years, from cult faves like Freaks and Geeks to big screen hits like The 40-Year-Old Virgin. He was one of the co-creators of The Ben Stiller Show and wrote for The Larry Sanders Show. Though he’s usually found behind the camera as opposed to on it, Judd Apatow’s love of comedy hasn’t stopped him from performing: He started doing stand-up when he was 17, performing at such venues as The Improv in Hollywood, and appearing on HBO’s 15th Annual Young Comedians Special. He even hosted his own high school radio show where he cold-called comedians for interviews, snagging some with the likes of Steve Allen, John Candy and Harold Ramis.

“Ask A Grown Man”

Talking about the script of This Is 40

“How Do You Host?”


“Shack Talk”