24 Of The Worst Christmas Gifts Imaginable

December 1st, 2012

The Bite Laugh Scientists’ Holiday Division has put together an awesome advent calendar which showcases 24 days of terrible, terrible presents. Each day, we’ll be revealing a new shitty gift, the ideas for which were submitted by our Twitter followers and Facebook fans! Click on the image below to check out the calendar!

UPDATE: We’ve taken down the advent calendar, but here are all the images for you to enjoy!

A Snow Shovel

snow shovel

Bouquet of Dead Flowers

bouquet of dead flowers

Old cookies

old gingerbread cookies

Copy of O magazine

A copy of Oprah's magazine

Some buttons

old buttons

Donald Trump Play-Doh Set

Donald Trump Play Doh set

A GameBoy Game You’ve Already Beaten

An old gameboy game

Earrings when you don’t have pierced ears

earrings when you don't have pierced ears

An eyeball (why?)

an eyeball


a recorder

A Facebook ‘Like’

a facebook like

Date with Snooki

Snooki from Jersey Shore


mistletoe when you have mono

A Back Rub

a backrub

A wallet with a picture of a horse on it

a wallet with a horse on it

Those booklets that had life savers in them

A booklet containing life savers


an orange cat

A photo of a bucket of marbles

photo of a bucket of marbles

A gift from you to yourself

a self-gift

Drawing from your kid

drawing from your kid

Can of Crystal Pepsi

can of crystal pepsi

An outdated “New Year” headband

an outdated headband

A block of wood with your named carved onto it

a piece of wood with "leon" carved into it

Jail time

jail time