Elmo’s Last Few Moments Summed Up With Animated Gifs

by Geoffrey May

November 20th, 2012

Kevin Clash, puppeteer of the highly popular Sesame Street character Elmo, has just announced his resignation. This is following allegations that Clash had a sexual relationship with an teenager. Many of us who grew up watching Sesame Street will surely miss the lovable red furball, so in honor of his departure, here are the last few moments of his career summed up in animated gifs. Once upon a time, Elmo was one of the world’s most lovable characters… Highlights of Elmo’s career included… Playing piano! Going to space! Making celebrity friends! But then there was that whole Katy Perry controversy… ‘Will they, won’t they? Katy Perry says “Yes!”‘ ‘Elmo says “No!”‘ Elmo was also investigated by the FBI following allegations of a sexual relationship with a minor… And word soon spread throughout Sesame Street… Elmo hit the late night talk circuit to clear the air… But was called out for appearing really hammered… Elmo tried to change his image… But his efforts were met with negative responses… To cope with the rejection, he started sniffing markers and became severely addicted… This lead to him doing really embarrassing things… His friends reached out and helped him… So, Elmo rethought his life… And he managed to find true love… But Katy Perry got crazy jealous… And had him killed… THE END.