Who Would You Cast? If Arrested Development Was A Cartoon

August 1st, 2012

We all know Arrested Development is coming back and being turned into a movie. However, it has never been turned into a cartoon! So we took it upon ourselves to match up the show’s characters with their cartoon counter-parts.

Got your own ideas for Arrested Development-esque cartoon characters? Submit in the comments below.

Dilbert as Michael Bluth

Dilbert is very much the straight man of his own comic, which was later developed into a cartoon. Most of the jokes find Dilbert having to deal with moronic co-workers and strange office practices – much to his dismay. It’s a bit similar to Michael Bluth, who is stuck with a weird and quirky family and is often surrounded by other odd characters. The two of ’em have to do their best to keep everything running smoothly (for Dilbert, that’s the office, while Michael tries to keep the family together). Sure, Dilbert probably deserves a break, but that won’t be happening anytime soon, especially if he’s going to be taking over as the animated Michael Bluth.

Daffy Duck as Gob

Gob is a performer at heart, with a love of over-the-top illusions and his puppet pal, Franklin. However, he’s not very good at being a magician. That doesn’t stop him from trying to put on a great show. Likewise, Daffy Duck was always considered second-fiddle to the likes of Bugs Bunny. Sure, he’d try to outshine that “wascally wabbit” with a dazzling performance, but he’d usually end up blowing himself to smithereens. As such, Daffy – with his desire to be a big star – could pull off a great Gob.

Judy Jetson as Lindsay

Ah, Judy Jetson, your typical teenage daughter of the future. While Lindsay Bluth Funke is not a teen, she does act like one, whether it’s dressing up in skimpy outfits to seduce men or taking up a cause to attract media attention. Basically, all Lindsay wants is to be noticed (how adolescent). So, Judy is a very good choice to be her animated equivalent.

Zoidberg as Buster

All Buster and Zoidberg want is to be loved, but they never seem to get the respect they deserve. Lucille is too busy drinking to notice Buster’s antics, while Zoidberg is too disgusting for anyone to pay any attention to him. As a result, the two of them end up getting into trouble (in their respective shows). As a bonus, Zoidberg already has a claw, so they wouldn’t need to spring for another one.

Charlie Brown as George Michael

This choice is inspired by the famous scene where George Michael does a Charlie Brown-style walk. Both of the characters seem to have a lot in common though – they’re both fairly unpopular, they’re both very anxious and they both struggle to get the attention of their respective dream girls (for Brown, it’s the little red-haired girl and for George Michael, it’s his cousin). Just a couple of lovable, down-on-their-luck dudes.

Cruella De Vil as Lucille

Lucille is a bitter, old hag who spends most of her time in the sauce. Cruella De Vil is a bitter, old hag who loves to make fur coats out of cute animals. Just replace Cruella’s obsession for furs with an obsession for booze, and you’ve got the animated Lucille.

Carl Fredricksen as George Bluth Sr.

Carl Fredricksen would make a great George Bluth Sr. because they’re both masters of escape. Sure, Carl never had to break out of prison, but here’s betting he could using a lot of balloons.

Brainy Smurf as Tobias Funke

Aside from the fact that Brainy Smurf looks exactly like Tobias when he “blue” himself, Brainy and Tobias have very similar roles in their respective groups: Being an annoyance to everyone else around them. Brainy harasses people by showing them how smart he is, while Tobias tries to grab everyone’s attention by doing outlandish things, like dressing in drag and impersonating a British nanny.

Ashley Spinelli as Maeby

Ashley Spinelli is the tough girl of her group of friends, always quick to defend herself and her pals. But she’s also very stubborn, never one to ask for help when she needs it. Maeby is also very independent, always looking out for herself no matter the cost. What the two have in common the most is they’re both lying to themselves: Spinelli only wants to be referred to by her last name, because “Ashley” holds an association with the vacuous group, The Ashlies. Maeby, on the other hand, cons and lies about who she is to take advantage of others. Perhaps she is ashamed of who she really is: the daughter of Tobias and Lindsay Funke.