Who Would You Cast? The Legend of Zelda Movie

July 11th, 2012

Video game based movies are generally not a good idea (see all video game based films) but Legend of Zelda might not be the worst idea for a film. The series has a timeless story and fans have a very close connection with the game. Hey, as a fan of the game, it would at least be fun to rip it apart. Here’s an attempt to cast that potential film with some actors who’d best suit the roles. This film is based on Ocarina of Time, btw.

Young Link: Joel Courtney

Young Link is a kind little soul with an a bit of shyness about him, or at least that’s what can be assumed based on the high pitched noises he makes in response to other characters. Joel Courtney, the lead in Super 8, seems highly appropriate based on the modesty and gentle nature he portrays in said film. Hopefully the little bugger isn’t too old by the time the film comes to fruition (possibly never).

Adult Link: Andrew Garfield

Link is a goofy looking adult, dawning a green tunic and a pointy green hat. Thus, you probably want an actor who’s demonstrated that he can dawn some dumb suit and still be taken seriously (see The Amazing Spider-Man). Andrew Garfield seems highly appropriate and has that sentimental side that Link needs to be Link. Unless of course you want him to be some intense bad ass, then you probably want Jason Statham.

Young Zelda: Elle Fanning

Elle and Joel already have great, stupid kid romantic chemistry, and she does fit the cutesy role of young Zelda in almost every way. Plus, this pick will make even more sense when you scroll down just a little bit.

Adult Zelda: Dakota Fanning

She’s all grown up now, and a perfect fit to play the adult version of her younger sibling’s character. She may even have a bit of that edge to fill Sheik’s ninja like garments.

Ganondorf: Liam Neeson

Liam often plays the heroic type, but he certainly has the chops to play a bad-ass villain a la Batman Begins. Or even better, watch Darkman and try to ignore the bad American accent.

Impa: Zoe Saldana

When Impa isn’t represented as some old hag in the Zelda series, she’s a strong, guardian-type with wisdom to spare. Zoe Saldana has a similar aura about her, or at least comes across this way in Avatar.

Navi: Allison Brie on cocaine

To play Navi, the actor has to have the potential to be annoying as hell and the ability to handle a heavy dose of energy-inspiring drugs.

Goron King: Seth Rogen

The Gorons are a goofy bunch of anthropomorphic rock-like creatures, and obviously Seth Rogen is the only one capable of playing the king.

Deku Tree: Ed Asner

If you need someone to voice an old-man tree, clearly Ed Anser is your man. He’s the voice of the old man in Up! if you need a point of reference.

Happy Mask Salesman: Ken Jeong

Happy Mask Salesman has got to be the strangest character in O of T, and who better to portray the slightly Asian looking character than the actor behind Senior Chang, Ken Jeong. He’s brilliant in the community and all his smaller film roles.

Princess Ruta: Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme

Saw this done as a meme on Reddit.