Inspired by a little bug that crept into our office, the laugh scientists at Bite decided to pay homage to the friendlier bugs in this world. Plus, it will be nice not to think about cannibalism and the world falling apart for a second.


caterpillar1 580x417 Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
Caterpillars are so friendly that they cannot be satisfied by keeping their good nature limited to the dirty ground. They cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly to spread good will to the sky. They’re also renowned for giving up the front seat without question.


bumblebee01 Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
There’s nothing scary about a fat, fuzzy thing – traits which the bumblebee has in spades. Add to the equation that they’re so slow you can here them coming a mile away and avoid getting stung, and you got yourself a friendly old insect, bud.


LadybugF 580x435 Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
Ladybugs are occasionally brought onto farms to help get rid of the smaller bugs that eat crops. The bugs are so gosh darn kind that they don’t dare take a piece of the action for themselves. You suck compared to one of these things.


damselfly 01 Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
What’s not to love about the damselfly? They come in a variety of beautiful colours, eat insects, and generally have a good time. Unlike dragonflies, which can get fairly large and scary, the damselfly is perma-cute, just cruising around and brightening everyone’s lives.


inchwormF 580x411 Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
Inchworms are actually the caterpillar stage of geometer moths. You may not think highly of moths, but they do us a great service by helping us get rid of clothes we don’t wear anymore, like everyone’s lazy friend.

Funky Fuzzy Beetle

Funkyfuzzybeetle Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
Who the hell knows where this funky, fuzzy beetle came from? When it showed up in the Bite offices, we fell in love. Nothing wrong with a funky, fuzzy beetle at all. Write it down so you don’t forget.

Water Striders

water striderf Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
Did you know that water striders send messages to their sweethearts by making ripples in the water? True story about a simply delightful insect.


stickbug01 Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
Nobody’s afraid of a little stick, as you can see from the photo of a man who is positively psyched about having this insect on his face. Well done, little stick!

Pillbugs (or Potato Bugs)

potatobugFF 580x402 Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
Pillbugs are technically crustaceans, but are totally bugs at heart. Another fun fact, they don’t urinate at all. They’d be the best to get drunk with.

Daddy Longlegs

longlegspider02 Top 10 Friendliest Bugs
Straight up, the daddy longlegs isn’t all that cute, once we started looking at pictures. But they’re pretty harmless and kind of look like the bad guys in War of the Worlds, so there’s that. Plus, when you make them out of pipe cleaners, they look pretty cute, no?

There you have it, a few ambassadors from the Insect group, saying loudly and proudly: “HUMANS! Y U NO BE MY FRIEND???”
y u no 540x547 Top 10 Friendliest Bugs