Prometheus Puns Turned Into Movies

June 11th, 2012

The Alien prequel debuted this past weekend, and now the Prometheus puns have been flying around the Bite Daily office. So, we decided to sum up some of our favorite puns into movie plots. Enjoy!


Instead of finding The Engineers, the crew of Prometheus stumble across a new species that resemble pre-cooked shrimp. So, they decide to have a cocktail party.


It’s the cross-over you’ve been waiting for: Aliens vs. Conan the Barbarian. Conan travels with the crew of Prometheus to fight the invading Alien horde.


What starts out as the Prometheus film takes a drastic turn when it is revealed that the Weyland Corporation was bringing aboard an unexpected crew member: King Kong. Kong helps the crew do science and stuff.


An Usual Suspects meets K-Pax riff where Keyser Söze may or may not be an alien crime lord. The real twist? Kevin Spacey is still playing the same role.


When the human race is challenged to the ultimate Pong match, the crew of Prometheus answer the call to show The Engineers that even though they created us, we created video games.


Seth Rogen and James Franco, reprising their roles from Pineapple Express, discover an alien (voiced by Jim Carrey) who needs their help escaping the FBI. In return, he gives them some space weed. Hilarious hijinks ensue.