Who Would You Cast? Metal Gear Solid Movie

May 11th, 2012

Isn’t it about time they made a Metal Gear Solid movie? Now, while turning video games into successful films is usually a recipe for disaster (Super Mario Bros., Hitman, Street Fighter), Metal Gear may be one of the few that succeeds, thanks to the military themes that lend themselves so well to the big screen. Here’s a look at the potential cast for Metal Gear Solid: The Movie.

Got your own ideas for who should play Solid Snake or any of the other characters (even the ones that aren’t on this list)? Leave us a comment below.

Solid Snake – Viggo Mortenson

There’s already been a huge debate over who should play Snake. A lot of people say that the obvious choice is Hugh Jackman or Christian Bale. Not to take anything away from them, but no one knows who should play Snake better than the person who created Metal Gear Solid: Hideo Kojima. Kojima mentioned that he would love to cast Viggo as Snake, who are we to disagree?

Big Boss – Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is a powerful, commanding actor and would fill the role with the perfect amount of grandeur worthy of Big Boss. The Irish accent may be a little out of place, but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him as Viggo’s father. He’d really suit an eye patch as well.

Liquid Snake – Paul Bettany

He’s no stranger to action films and he’s got the perfect look and voice for the angsty Liquid Snake; blonde hair, pointy features and a sinister tone of voice. He’s been in some weak films lately, so he’s perfect for a video game to film adaptation.

Meryl Silverburgh – Elizabeth Banks

We’re going to catch flak for this one. Why not Milla Jovovich or Michelle Rodriguez? Well, like Snake, we don’t want to go with the obvious choice. Contrary to what some might think, Ms. Banks is not just another pretty face in comedy. She’s proved on several occasions that she’s got serious acting chops, and we think she would be a good fit for the tough as nails, tomboyish Meryl Silverburgh.

Ocelot – Sam Elliott

Ocelot may be Russian, but he comes across oddly western in the vast majority of the series (likely explained in one of the lengthy cut scenes). Sam’s got the ‘stache for the job, and he’s been in a ton of western films, making him a pretty strong fit.

Sniper Wolf – Charlize Theron

Okay, so we’re kind of going back on the whole “don’t make obvious choices” for this one, but Charlize seems like the girl for the job. Not only does she have that femme fatale look down, but she’s also got the acting chops to pull off Wolf’s emotional, character balancing death scene. The only thing that might be difficult to pull off would be Sniper Wolf’s very distinct Iraqi-Kurdish accent.

Otacon – Sean Maher

Otacon is your classic, hacker geek and Sean Maher has a very similar vibe. He played Dr. Simon Tam in Firefly if you’re at a loss for recognition. His role in the Joss Whedon series is fairly similar to how Otacon is portrayed in the games, making him a prime candidate.

Colonel Campbell – Ed Harris

Colonel Campbell is FOXHOUND’s stoic, authoritative commanding officer. Ed Harris has a tendency of playing military-authority type characters. But Colonel Campbell is also a man with a lot of secrets, not necessarily telling Snake the whole story, similar to Harris’ character in The Truman Show. We rest our case.

Got your own casting ideas for a Metal Gear movie? How about the characters we didn’t talk about? Sound off in the comments section below.