Precious Life Lessons: 7th Heaven, Matt Camden And “The Joint”

February 13th, 2012

We learned a lot from our favourite teen series. First, that if you don’t wear a different outfit to school every day, you might as well jump off a bridge because you are obviously not the star of your own life, and second, that “everyone” deals with “serious issues”. And what are these serious issues, exactly? Well that’s what we’re going to dissect for you weekly. Because for every DJ Tanner eating ice pops and passing out at the gym, there’s a Jesse Spanno taking caffeine pills. For every “There’s no hope with dope”, there’s a Carlton from Fresh Prince contemplating suicide. For every Wheels from Degrassi stealing, there’s about 1300 other things that happen on Degrassi that are like “YIKES”.

These precious life lessons deserve to be celebrated.

Precious life lesson #6: If you hold pot for a friend, your father will assume that it’s yours.

Show: 7th Heaven

Who: Matt Camden

What: In an attempt to gain popularity, the ever-precious Matt Camden smuggles a marijuana joint into the family home, only to be caught by his preacher father who shames him in front of his siblings and former pot-smoking mother. Unfortunately for him, the excuse, “I was only holding it for a friend” actually checked out.

Dramatic realization: Perhaps finally acknowledging his wife’s stoner past after years of repression, Reverend Camden comes undone at the seams; sitting his offspring down to demand who’s throwing their life away at the hands of weed, and losing sanity completely when Matt admits, “It’s mine.” And “mine” it was. But unlike other “kids his age,” Matt was actually holding it for a friend – a fact that isn’t revealed until after his father’s temper tantrum and Simon’s emotional breakdown.