Rare Horsefly Named After Beyonce

January 13th, 2012

A rare Queensland-based horsefly has been named after pop sensation Beyonce.  Australian researcher Bryan Lessard explained the choice was due to the fly’s golden bum, the kind of bling that earns it the title of “all time diva of flies.”

This kind of celebrity shout-out in the binomial nomenclature community is hardly novel.  Wikipedia lists dozens of organic species named after public figures. Notable stand-outs include the Mick Jagger inspired Aegrotocatellus jaggeri, a species of trilobite that reportedly slept with David Bowie, and Agra schwarzeneggeri, a species of carabid beetle named after the famous movie star/Governor thought to have secret illegitimate offspring and huge pecs.

Now someone just has to discover a species of ant with an enormous drinking problem that doesn’t wear underpants when it goes clubbing and call it Paris Hiltonensi.