Who Would You Cast? Live-Action Clone High

October 18th, 2011

One of television’s unfortunate losses, Clone High was like nothing ever seen before on TV. Imagine a high school filled with teenaged versions of famous historical characters, who have to deal with Degrassi-esque problems, as well as an evil, psychotic principal. Sound like some sort of cheesy, after-school special? Well, Clone High was no kid’s show – this was an animated series made for an older audience. It featured one heck of a voice-cast, including Will Forte, Nicole Sullivan, Christa Miller, and Andy Dick, with guest-stars galore, from Jack Black to John Stamos (“STAMOS!”), and a theme song by the Abandoned Pools.

Sadly, the show was cancelled after one season, and audiences were heartbroken when they found out that the adventures of their favorite historical clones would end on a cliffhanger – basically, all the characters (even the guest/one-time characters) get frozen in a giant freezer, except for Principal Scudworth and Mr. Butlertron. But maybe it’s time to take Abe and friends out of the freezer, and give them some new life – real life. As in a live-action adaption.

For an added bonus, the live-action Clone High would pick up directly where the cartoon ended, and Principal Scudworth begins thawing out Abe, Gandhi, Joan, and the rest of the characters. As a result, the Board of Shadowy Figures (once bent on killing Scudworth) would make him the dean of a new college for the Clones.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at the cast list for a live-action version of Clone High.

Seth Green as Principal Scudworth

Scudworth spent most of his days making the lives of his students and staff miserable, either by insulting them or by sticking them in the death maze. He is a high energy character, and so you need an actor who is going to have a lot of it in his performance. While he appears fairly young, Seth Green would bring the right attitude and energy to the character, more than anyone else could. If fans are concerned about him looking the part, well that’s what the make-up department is for.

Rainn Wilson as Mr. Butlertron

Principal Scudworth’s faithful servant, Mr. Butlertron, was a friend to everyone and was often seen giving students helpful advice. Why did everyone love “Mr. B” so much? It was the power of his cardigan sweater vest. For the live-action adaption, Mr. Butlertron would probably be CGI’d, or it would be an actor in a robot costume. Either way, his lines would require a voice-over. Rainn Wilson would be an excellent choice, as his voice could match the pace of the character, and auto-tuning, or some sort of SFX, would be used to make him sound more robotic.

Andrew Garfield as Abe

Appearing in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie, Andrew Garfield has impressed us with his performance in The Social Network. He may be the ideal choice to play the clone of Abe Lincoln in the live-action Clone High. Abe often finds himself torn between making the right choice and doing what all his friends are doing. He desperately wants to fit in, be accepted, and date the crap out of Cleopatra.

Danny Pudi as Gandhi

After caving under the pressure of trying to live up to his genetic father, Gandhi decided to be the party animal of the clones. He’d spend a lot of time running around, handing out high-fives like candy on Halloween, and getting himself into trouble. He’s also fueled by his ADHD, meaning that he’s pretty much non-stop, off-the-wall cray-zay 24/7. Everyone has come to love Danny Pudi for his character Abed on Community, who is almost the total opposite of Clone High‘s Gandhi, but it’d be interesting to see what else Pudi can do. That’s the challenge of being an actor, picking roles that break everyone’s perception of you.

Emma Stone as Joan of Arc

The clone of Joan of Arc was the quirky girl-next-door, and instead of being obsessed with God, she was obsessed with Abe. She was fairly level-headed in a world that wasn’t; while everyone around her was smoking raisins and littering, Joan was the one who tried to get them to stop. Either that, or she’d be desperately trying to win Abe’s attention. Aside from having the right hair colour, Emma Stone knows how to play these quirky girls who are often down on their luck.

Lea Michele as Cleopatra

If you’ve ever watched Glee, you know that Lea Michele’s character is a lot like Cleopatra. Cleo is narcissistic, believing she is the center of the universe – it’s Cleo’s way or the highway. As such, she can easily manipulate poor Abe to do whatever she wants. Lea Michele, as Rachel, is a Broadway diva and believes she will one day be a huge star, holding herself on a pedestal. This is a perfect casting choice right here.

Cory Monteith as JFK

Also from the Glee pool, Cory Monteith would be an excellent JFK. In Clone High, JFK was a womanizing jock who picked on Abe and his friends. While Cory Monteith plays a jock with a heart of gold, it’d be interesting to see him play the tough guy. But can he do the JFK accent?

Well, there you have it – the cast list for a fictional live-action Clone High. But there’s still many other characters, mostly clones of famous historical figures, that haven’t been casted here. Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.