Who Would You Cast? Live-Action Doug Film

September 14th, 2011

Doug was probably my favorite of all the Nickelodeon cartoons growing up. He was such a relatable character that spoke to all your insecurities as a youth, and was surrounded by a cast of characters that likely reminded you of your friends and acquaintances. Voiced by Billy West (Fry in Futurama), and later Tom McHugh when Disney took it over, Doug will never be forgotten by us, but newer generations will likely scratch their lice ridden head when the show comes up. That’s why I strongly believe a live-action Doug film needs to happen.

Rather than try to recreate Doug’s youth like the cartoon, why not continue his story into college, now that many of us who watched the show have been through, or are currently going through, that period in our lives. It would also make casting the show more interesting, because who cares about some crappy teen actors, am I right? Yep.

Here’s who I would cast as the main characters in Doug: The College Years.

Michael Cera as Doug Funny

Doug has a tender and caring heart, and no one could convey that like the much liked Michael Cera. You might even say that his character George Michael from Arrested Development, had many overlapping similarities with Doug Funnie. Cera is great at conveying that awkward, bashfulness that made Doug an afternoon staple for so many gangly young kids. Just imagine Michael Cera’s Doug coming home for the summer, and being reacquainted with Patti, who is now seeing the renowned bully, Roger. How could that not do the cartoon series justice?

Saoirse Ronan as Patti Mayonnaise

Did you happen to see Hanna? I didn’t, but I know Saoirse Ronan would fit the role of Patti brilliantly. When she’s not killing people, or being killed by people, she exudes the kind of laid back charm that made Patti such a desirable partner for Doug (and all of us who fell in love with the cartoon character). All she has to do is curl that hair and you’re staring at Miss Mayonnaise in the flesh. Even though she’s now dating Roger in the film, she secretly harbors feelings for Doug. Sort of that classic “Girl goes for bad boy while feels somewhat for the nice guy” scenario. The premise is a little stale, but could be interesting if the nice guy card isn’t played too heavily. Maybe Doug is now a bit douchey himself (college can do that to a person).

Danny Pudi as Skeeter

This is probably the most obvious choice on the list. If you’ve ever seen the show Community, you’d know that Pudi’s character Abed is like an older more reference heavy version of Skeeter Valentine. Abed is very blunt, much like the way Skeeter is, and so naturally, Pudi would fit the role above all else. Unless you come across some blue man with bizarre social habits. I imagine Skeeter has become a computer science major and film buff who finds himself and Doug drifting apart. They still have enough in common to maintain a friendship, but the differences slowly separate them.

Zoey Duschanel as Judith Funnie

You’re probably a little upset at this choice, but hear me out. Zoey often plays darker and occasionally bitter characters. In Winter Passing, she assumes the role of an actress who has a bitter relationship with her parents. She is almost unlikable in the film, much like the artistic and unpleasant nature of Judith. I think I’ve made my case here. Judith is now a college grad, struggling to find work in theatre. She moved back home, and displaces her feelings about her lack of success towards Doug as he comes home for the summer.

Justin Timberlake as Roger Klotz

Roger has always been an over-confident jerk, and while I’m not accusing Justin Timberlake of being that, he can certainly play the part. With his role in The Social Network, it’s not hard to imagine him giving Doug a hard time for being his meek self. Roger’s now dating Patti and has money to spare from inheritances. He drives a Lexus SUV that Patti reluctantly enjoys as an environmentalist. Slowly, he and Doug actually get along, which makes the love triangle even more complicated.

Brian Posehn as Mr. Dink

Mr. Dink always liked to give Doug advice, but old age has settled and his once sage-like advice is now a little bizarre and discomforting. Brian Posehn is great at playing those strange side characters with a twisted take on reality. Seeing him give advice to a timid Michael Cera would be fantastic. It would just be great to get those two in the same room. Mr. Dink’s role is pretty obvious in the film. He’s largely lost in his own mind and tries to help Doug out, which doesn’t exactly work. Perhaps Doug could help bring back some moments of sanity by coming back into his life.

Bruce Davison as Principal Lamar Bone

Based primarily on the visual and vocal similarities, I believe Bruce would make a great Lamar Bone. Best known for screwing over the X-Men, Bruce has that abuse-of-authority vibe that would match the overbearing ways of Lamar Bone. Doug no longer attends Bone’s school, but he does run into him after smashing into his car. This event triggers Doug’s downward spiral that embodies most of the inner-conflict in the film.

There’s the main cast and some possible plot points for the film. If this wasn’t good enough to satiate your Doug cravings, take a look at this trailer put together by Dr. Coolsex