Wine and Doritos Pairings

August 29th, 2011

Doritos flavors are becoming so vast in numbers, and there’s no end in sight. Does the world really need another ten variations on nacho cheese? Perhaps not, but a variety of unique and accurate new flavors are certainly welcome. Late Night Burger and Last Call Jalapeno Popper are just a couple of the newer varieties to hit store shelves and surprise you with their accuracy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at home with a fine new bag of Doritos and thought “Why didn’t I buy a wine to match?” Having experience at a winery and a passion for Doritos, I decided to match wine with some of the best Doritos flavors out there. Here are the best pairings.

Note: The wines chosen are grape varietals and not specific companies or wineries.

Sweet Chili Heat – Medium Dry Gewurztraminer (Ontario)

Sweet Chili Heat is easily the most popular of the newer line of Doritos. The delicate combination of sweetness and chili is unforgettable, but it’s made immortal by combining it with a Medium Dry Gewurztramer. This wine of German origin always goes well with sweet and spicy Thai food, and therefore works swimmingly with Sweet Chili Heat. I should mention that the grape is very popular in the Niagara region of Ontario (where I come from).

Nacho Cheese – Cabernet Franc (Cooler regions in North America)

What wine could possibly handle the unruly nature of a zesty nacho cheese? The bold and unappreciated Cabernet Franc my friends. Its usually lighter than your meatier Cabernet Sauvignon, but it goes great with hard cheeses making it perfect for your go-to Doritos.

All Nighter Burger – Italian Chianti

Yet another popular newcomer, All Nighter Burger has become the stand-out of the late night Doritos series. With its ground beef flavor and dill undertones, the All Nighter Burger Doritos deserve a wine of class. Bring home an Italian Chianti to match your late night craving and some special friends for a special occasion.

Cool Ranch – Off Dry Vidal (Cooler regions in North America)

This one is a gut decision on my part, but I firmly believe the tropical nuances and slight sweetness of an off dry Vidal would do the Doritos classic Cool Ranch justice.

Bold BBQ Doritos – Californian Zinfandel

Handling the sass of Bold BBQ Doritos is no easy task, but a good Californian Zinfandel, with its fruit and spice, can go toe to toe any day. Just be careful though, that amount of bold flavor is not for sensitive tongues.

Salsa – Spanish Tempranillo

For full-bodied Doritos, you’re going to need a full-bodied red whine. Match herb with herbaciousness with this much celebrated red wine from Spain.

Last Call Jalapeno Popper – Ontario Off Dry Reisling

One of my personal favorites, the cream cheese of the jalapeno popper would go brilliantly with the delicate floral and apple notes of Riesling. Beat the heat with a bit of sweetness and you have a night to remember with your lover.