Stand Up & Bite Me: Brent’s Pick

June 2nd, 2011

Going through the first round of Stand Up & Bite Me, one comic stood out for me head and shoulders above the rest. Ladies and gentlemen, your Seth Rogen of Tomorrow, Kevin Dobble.

Kevin had what I think is the best all around set. He’s funny, kind of lovable looking (hence my previous quotable Seth Rogen comment), and knew the audience he was playing too. I saw shades of Patton Oswalt in his act as well.

While he may not win this comedy war, he might win the comedy battle as this dude is going places… like TV and movies and more importantly… money. And when you get that money, please remember that lowly internet blogger who said it… and buy him a nice house… or a pizza… I might even share the pizza.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite (Round 1 voting ends tonight at midnight, so hurry).