Best X-Men Mash-Up Pics

May 31st, 2011

Considering that X-Men: First Class is just days away from hitting theaters, here’s some awesome mash-up art of your favorite mutants with other pop-culture icons.

X-Men and Disney

Remember, Disney now owns Marvel. By Edgar Delgado By TetraGyom By Xadrian By Jorge Castaneda By Khary Randolph By DemienvanCope Via The Fwoosh By Eduardo Vieira By Maiolo By Vixie87 By miro42 By Gina Chacon By Diego Paz By kijesuis By len

The Muppets

By Rahzzah


By gottabecarl (See Futurama Mash-Ups)


By Bobby Rubio

The Breakfast Club

By Rahzzah

The Hangover

By Bobby Rubio


Cyclops – Buy T-Shirt

By SevenHundred

Mystique – Buy T-Shirt

By SholoRobo (See more Android mash-ups)

The Simpsons

Via My Modern Met

South Park

By Jennie


By Casey Edwards