Angry Birds And Star Wars

April 12th, 2011

A long time ago, on an app far, far away… The Imperial Pigs have stolen the Rebellion’s eggs, so the Rebellion struck back by stealing the plans for the Death Pig (many Bothans died in the process). If you love these images, you can get them on t-shirts at Redbubble.

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You can check out part II of Angry Birds and Star Wars here.

Angry Rebels – Buy the Shirt

Imperial Pigs

Angry Luke – Buy the Shirt

Angry Chewie and Han – Buy the Shirt

Angry Leia

Angry R2-D2 and C-3P0

Lard Vader – Buy the Shirt

“If you only knew the Power of the Porkside.”

Swine Trooper – Buy the Shirt

Grand Moff Porkin

Uh, no relation to the Porkins who fought alongside the Rebel Alliance.

Tusk-en Raider

Angry Force Choke

The power of the Porkside in action.

Angry Red Squadron – Buy the Shirt

“May the Feathered Force be with you, always.”

Don’t forget to check out part II of Angry Birds and Star Wars here.