Top 10 Unicorn Being A Jerk Illustrations

August 10th, 2010

We at Bite Daily do our best to bring you the truth in a myriad of ways, and we love to expose the true nature of the unicorn with at any chance we get. The following illustrations from C. W. Moss are dedicated to bringing out how unicorns act in mainstream society. Head over to his site to see the entire collection and if you are a higher up in the publishing industry prepare to get rich – the work is still unpublished.

Destroying a Sandcastle

Unicorn destroying sandcastle

Feeding Pigs Bacon

Unicorn feeding pigs

Cutting in Line

Unicorn line hopping

Parking in the Last Empty Handicap Stall

Unicorn Parking

Pushing the Close Button

Unicorn pushing the close button

Sacrificing his One and Only Son to a Higher Power

Unicorn son sacrifice

Tearing out the Last Page of a Library Book

Unicorn tearing book page

Teasing Animals at the Zoo

Unicorn Teasing Animals

Walking his Child on a Leash

Unicorn walking child

Starting a He-Man-Woman-Haters Club

Unicorn starting a Club

Please check out the rest of the illustrations at C. W. Moss’s Unicorn Being a Jerk website.