Social Media Monopoly Board Game

July 28th, 2010

Social Media Monopoly Board GameClick for Full Size

This is the best thing since BUMP for the iPhone which allowed you to instantly add friends to Facebook – it’s Social Media Monopoly. Pete Cashmore, Kevin Rose, Tom, Amber MacArthur, Crystal Gibson and Ariana Huffington are fighting for social media dominance. Race around the board picking up smartphones and computers but make sure you don’t get sent to MySpace or you’ll risk losing everything, including your reputation.

Mashable Cards

Mashable Cards 01Mashable Cards 02Mashable Cards 03Mashable Cards 04Mashable Cards 05Mashable Cards 06Mashable Cards 07Mashable Cards 08Mashable Cards 09Mashable Cards 10

Technorati Cards

Technorati Cards 01Technorati Cards 02Technorati Cards 03Technorati Cards 04Technorati Cards 05Technorati Cards 06Technorati Cards 07Technorati Cards 08Technorati Cards 09Technorati Cards 10