Disaster Girl 2.0

July 23rd, 2010

Disaster Girl took the Internet by storm last year after her photo from JPG Mag was discovered. Now a photo of a very similar looking girl has arrived and she has a gun. Let the image macros commence. Make your own with this transparent PNG.

At a Crime Scene

At the G20

In Wonderland

Disaster Girl 2.0 goes after Alice in Wonderland.

Heading Towards the Jersey Shore

There's always a reason to bring a gun to Jersey.

What’s Going to Happen to Bill?

Guess who's going to Kill BIll?

At Disneyland

In the Caribbean

Bring it Jack Sparrow

Playing a Friendly Game of Cards

REad 'em and Weep

Who Shot First?

Who Shot First?

Woodstock 2.0

God Damn Hippies

Where are the Nazis?

So Long Private Ryan