Death by Chimps

July 12th, 2010

For a long time, researchers have recognized the chimpanzee’s ability to communicate, using grunts and other sounds. Now new developments have taken place, and scientists believe that the “language” the apes use have social implications. This means that what a chimp “says” will vary depending on circumstance, whose listening, and who they are communicating with, indicating that the apes are socially aware. This is a further step into the evolution of the species.In such cases, humanity must be ready for the possibility of a Planet of the Apes type scenario. Chimpanzees are already using tools and weapons, and even have their own form of prostitution, where they exchange meat for sex. These apes are becoming more and more like us, and could try to dominate our species as revenge for shoving them in zoos or poaching them and selling their hands as lucky wish granters. Could the development of chimpanzees mean the end of humanity? The following video shows just how dangerous chimps can be. You have been warned.