Top 10 Comic Book Crossovers

June 22nd, 2010

A comic book crossover is a beautiful thing. When one franchise meets another, they come together to create something special that is appealing to geeks and nerds everywhere. So, here are some of our favourite comic book crossovers (featuring a special Batman crossover tribute).

10. Marvel vs. DC

What sounds like fan-fiction or a geek’s wet dream is FACT. Two of the biggest companies went toe-to-toe, and had fans vote for the victor in match-ups such as Spider-Man vs. Superboy, Captain America vs. Batman, and Superman vs. Thor. Marvel ended up getting more votes for their characters. The story behind the battle plays like this: Two brothers, personifying the two universes, become aware of each other and fought, summoning the heroes and villains from their respective universes to duke it out. At one point, the two brothers decide to find peace by amalgamating well-known characters, which created something like this.Dark Claw, which was a mix of Wolverine and Batman, was one of the many character mash-ups created. The whole Amalgam world was filled with characters like this, combining the likes of Wonder Woman and Storm, Iron Man and Green Lantern, and Jubilee and Robin. It was the ultimate of all crossovers. How did it all end? You’ll have to read it to find out.

9. The Avengers and Godzilla

When a giant lizard terrorizes your town, who do you call? Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Besides, they have experience dealing with strong green monsters. Take that, Hulk.

8. Witchblade and Tomb Raider

This doesn’t really qualify as a cross-franchise cross-over, since both characters’ comics are published by Top Cow, but it’s a pretty sexy team up. Lara Croft made her first comic book appearance alongside Witchblade, and then had her own series shortly after that.

7. Archie and Punisher

This cross-over featured Riverdale’s favourite teen, and the Marvel Universe’s most violent vigilante. When the Punisher is contracted by the Government to apprehend a drug dealer named “Red” (who looks identical to Archie), his search leads him to Riverdale, where he goes undercover as a gym teacher at Archie’s high school. There are several instances of mixed identity, as Jughead and the gang think “Red” is Archie, and there are guest appearances by Josie and the Pussycats and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

6. Spider-Man and Obama

The President and the Web-head team up to defeat the Chameleon. On the day of his inauguration, the Chameleon disguises himself as Obama, and claims that the real one is the impostor. Fortunately Spider-Man is on the case. They manage to foil the Chameleon’s plan by using the ol’ “Tell me something only I would know” trick. Classic mix-up.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog and Image

This special edition comic featured Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and other obscure characters from the comic series fighting alongside Savage Dragon, the Maxx, Shadowhawk, and others, against an unnamed foe (who may just in fact be Doctor Robotnik re-imagined as an Image comic villain). The best part of this comic is when Sonic and friends are first transported to the Image Universe, and they come face-to-face with Spawn.

4. Transformers and New Avengers

It’s basically what you expect, the New Avengers team-up with the Autobots to defeat Megatron. It’s a pretty sweet mix, offering a ton of explosions, lasers, and a giant Iron Man transformer. The tag-line for this series was “Assemble and Roll Out”.

3. X-men and Star Trek

The X-Men have met with not only the original Star Trek crew, but also the crew from TNG (in that one, Storm and Picard are attracted to one another).

2. Spider-Man and SNL

Spider-Man has to help out the cast of Saturday Night Live, whose special host for the evening is Stan Lee. Coincidence?

1. Superman and Muhammad Ali

Yep, Superman went head-to-head with Ali when an interstellar dictator forces the two champs to fight. I think Ali wins in this one, or at least leaves Kent with a black eye.

Special: Batman and Everybody Else

The Batman is one of comic’s most popular characters, though he doesn’t have any powers. He can’t fly, or run really fast, or stick to walls, nor does he have a ring that grants him special powers. So every now and then, he has to align himself with some supers to fight crime. And I’m not just talking about the JLA, I mean almost EVERY superhero imaginable. So quickly, here’s a handful of ’em.

Batman and Captain America
Batman and Aliens

Batman and the Punisher

Batman and the Darkness

Batman and Spawn

Batman and Spider-Man

Batman and Hulk
Batman and the Green Hornet

Batman and Jerry Lewis