June 15th marks the annual anniversary of Sad Keanu, not to mention that there is a new Sad Keanu with Helmet surfing the net.

What is it: Sad Keanu is a photoshop meme featuring the famed actor Keanu Reeves looking very sad in different zany situations.  It started as a thread on 4chan, and quickly spread in popularity to the rest of the internet.  The original photo is of Keanu sitting on a park bench eating a sandwich, but everyone just felt so sorry for him because he looked so upset, like a kid who gets picked on in school.

Sad Keanu 540x373 The Sad Keanu Story

This is the original photo.  What follows is some of our favourite Sad Keanu moments.

Kitties 540x360 The Sad Keanu Story

Keanu just wants to be a cat, because a cat’s the only cat, who knows where its at.

enhanced buzz 10198 1276016586 234 The Sad Keanu Story

Yay, Keanu got his wish!

Drawing The Sad Keanu Story

Nice artist rendition.

enhanced buzz 18098 1276016599 249 The Sad Keanu Story

Video Game footage from a new Half-Life 2 mod.

enhanced buzz 4696 1276016610 38 The Sad Keanu Story

One things for sure so far, Keanu + Cat(s) = Internet

enhanced buzz 5767 1276016655 57 The Sad Keanu Story

Ah, this classic painting is from the Baroque period, thanks to clever use of chiaroscuro.

129203314510825008 The Sad Keanu Story

Keanu is one hungry hero.

enhanced buzz 19110 1276016694 55 The Sad Keanu Story

I’m intrigued, and now I wanna know how this one ends.

enhanced buzz 26264 1276016668 1 The Sad Keanu Story

This photo is actually not photoshopped.  Keanu Reeves is as old as time.

enhanced buzz 726 1276016888 132 The Sad Keanu StoryOne of the many deleted scenes from the Matrix.  Was removed for being too awesome.

tumblr l3zljxj1kR1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

I find this image too distracting to bother looking at the Sad Keanu.

tumblr l3zoal4msh1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Keanu, get off the damn roof.

tumblr l40ir5nE3f1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Mr. Reeves, please get off the wax display.

tumblr l41369X7rC1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Plenty of sandwiches in the desert.

Sad Keanu sitting on dog1 540x405 The Sad Keanu Story

Keanu isn’t cheered up by man’s best friend.

tumblr l418owoiED1qcpp2bo1 400 The Sad Keanu Story

Far out, man.

tumblr l3zbbghwH61qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

And it’s Sad Keanu, followed by Sad Keanu, and Sad Keanu coming up in the rear.

tumblr l3xexjw1NO1qcpmjbo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Why is there a hardwood table in the middle of the park?

tumblr l41a7hCroa1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Serious points for a Qbert reference.

tumblr l4134t9rBp1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Play it again, Reeves.

tumblr l40200xwPw1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Sad Neo

tumblr l3y548mzWQ1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Even Disney can’t soothe this ravaged soul.

tumblr l3ytasiVaO1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu StoryA welcome addition to the cast, if only the show wasn’t over.

tumblr l3yzgsPhfq1qcpp2bo1 400 The Sad Keanu StoryThe girl in the front seat is more amusing than Sad Keanu.

tumblr l3xyibxvH31qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu StoryPoints for forgotten kids’ movie reference

tumblr l3yq7qjwDL1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Keanu, just be happy you were invited.

tumblr l3xf2d6kSA1qcpp2bo1 500 The Sad Keanu Story

Get the message, Keanu.

Sad KEanu and bunnies The Sad Keanu Story

Will these bunnies be enough to cheer him up?

Keanu Jon Il The Sad Keanu Story

I can see the family resemblance. Awkward family photo much?