Today is a special day at Bite Daily, mainly because we spent most of it identifying all these planets and taking a trip down sci-fi memory lane. Do you think you can get all the references? Just click on the image to enlarge, but beware, it might blow your mind. We also included spoiler versions for those who just aren’t as geeky as we are.

FINALgeekGALAXY2 580x48 The Geek GalaxyFull Size

Local Region

GeekGalaxy11 580x202 The Geek GalaxySpoiler

Far Away Region

GeekGalaxy21 580x201 The Geek GalaxySpoiler

Scott Cameron Belt

GeekGalaxy31 580x201 The Geek GalaxySpoiler

Far, Far Away Region

GeekGalaxy41 580x177 The Geek GalaxySpoiler