We’d like to welcome Seven Hundred (aka Steven Anderson) who previously dazzled us with his Superheroes as Mr Men collection as a Bite Daily contributer.

This idea came from a sketch of a Robocops mask with Batmans ear things on top, as if Wayne Enterprises had something to do with the OCP. I then just decide to try and fit as many features from ‘heroic’ characters as I could into one design… I could have made one based purely on Marvel guys, but wanted to mix it up a bit more. Their is seven in total, and they all kind of come from the 80′s (or at least, I discovered them in my 80′s set childhood).

The Villainy one was just created to form an opposite to the heroic one. A kind of ultimate nemesis I guess. It’s the same franchises as the heroic one, just featuring the planet devouring, evil counter-parts.

Hero Mask – Buy the T-Shirt

4535384706 c41660d686 b 580x530 Hero and Villain Masks

Top Head Piece – Hero

TopHead2 Hero and Villain MasksBatman – Ears
Luke Skywalker – Rebel Pilot Helmet
Clu/Tron – Helmet Design (subtle one, I know)

Middle Head Piece – Hero

MidHead Hero and Villain MasksRobocop – Eyes
Spider-Man- Upper design

Bottom Head Piece – Hero

BotHead Hero and Villain MasksOptimus Prime – Lower Jaw
Rorschach – Lower Design

Villain Mask – Buy the T-Shirt

4540707006 3e970cacfe b 580x530 Hero and Villain Masks

Top Head Piece – Villain

TopheadVillian Hero and Villain MasksOCP Logo
Master Controller – V sign

Face Piece – Villain

FaceVillians Hero and Villain MasksVader – Mouth/Nose
Bane – Eyes/cable
Comedian Badge

Helmet Piece – Villain

HelmetVillians Hero and Villain MasksMegatron – helmet
Galactus – helmet